"Why don't you go help him out before we go?"

From Create Your Own Story

You keep your voice pitched low at the suggestion. The daddy delivery man grins at you.

"Yeah?" he says.

You nod. "Definitely," you say. "I think he wants it."

You move to a shower three away from the blond, and turn on the spray, nodding at the blond, who nods back. The daddy approaches him in a direct line, moving up behind him and taking the soap from his hand while the blond is rubbing it between his ass cheeks.

"Need a hand?" the gray haired man asks, sliding two fingers between the boy's ass cheek and sliding the soap across his back.

The boy pushes back against the older man's hands, and the gray haired man gives you a wink. You smile, turning to watch, and taking your dick in your hand.

The older man puts the soap back on the tray, and then wraps his arms around the boy from behind, squeezing him once, and making him squirm. His dick is rock hard under the shower's spray, and the older man rubs his hands down the front of his lean, shaved body, taking his dick and balls in hand and giving a gentle tug. The blond makes a little moaning sound.

Your daddy delivery man chuckles, and then takes the boy by the shoulders, bending him forward and making him place his hands against the tiles of the shower wall. He puts his mouth to the blond's ear.

"My friend wants me to fuck you so he can watch. You want me to fuck you, boy?"

The blond shivers, making water sluice off him. He nods.

The gray haired man slaps his ass. "What's that?"

"Yes!" the blond says.

"Yes, what?" the daddy says, and turns his head to you and grins.

"Yes, I want you to fuck me!" the blond says, voice helpless with arousal.

The daddy grins, lines his cock up at the young blond's hole, and shoves himself in. The blond gasps, and you jerk your cock, entranced by the way the older man's muscular body contrasts with the lean smooth blond. The older man takes the blond by the waist, and starts to fuck him, building up in speed and intensity as his cock slides in and out of the blond's ass, water racing down between them from the shower. The gray haired man turns his head, looking at you, meeting your gaze with his pale blue eyes, and the intensity of that is incredible - he's fucking this blond because you asked him to, and that thought pushes you over the edge. Your load spatters onto the tile.

Your release seems to set off the delivery man, who grunts and shoves hard into the blond. The blond boy lets out a gasp of his own, and reaches between his legs with one hand to jerk himself furiously, his load following a moment later.

The gray haired man pulls out of him, and the blond quickly rinses himself off, then goes for his towel, leaving the room.

"I think he's embarrassed," you say. The delivery man laughs.

You two take longer to clean up, using some soap and lathering up. When you're done, you head back to the locker room - you can't help but glance into room number four, where someone suspiciously blond and lean seems to be struggling to eat the giant man's cock - and get dressed.

The older man smiles at you as you zip up your pants, and gives your ass a smack.

"I'll give you a lift home," he says. The two of you head back to his truck.

You stand in the opening holding onto a leather strap while the gray haired man drives you home, and crawl into bed with a very satisfied smile on your face.

Happy birthday, indeed.

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