"Why don't you bend over instead?"

From Create Your Own Story

The young girl eagerly obliges by bending over in front of you, pulling down her tight shorts, and peeling off her pink panties.

"Like this?" She giggles as see shakes her tiny ass in front of your hard cock.

"Yes, just like that," you say getting up of off the toilet. Standing behind her you rub the head of your cock against the opening of her tight pussy.

"Just fuck me already! I need your dick inside me!" The young girl begs, as she lustfully looks back at you biting her lip.

You slip your cock inside her tight cunt and are surprised to find out that she's not a virgin.

"OH FUCK!!!" She moans loudly looking back at you.

You grab hold of her perfect young tits and squeeze them as you start slamming into her cunt making her moan louder.

She’s enjoying every inch of your huge dick as she pushes her plump little ass back into you with each thrust.

"MMMMMMMMMMM!" she moans loudly as you feel her cum on your cock.

She holds herself up against the wall and looks over her shoulder at you.

“Please cum inside me mister! I wanna feel it!” the young girl says between moans as she stares back into your eyes.

You can't take it anymore and explode inside her pussy filling it with your cum while you both moan in pleasure.

You collapse onto the toilet and catch your breath. The girl pulls up her shorts and smirks at you.

"That was amazing, don't tell anyone though. I don't want anyone to think I'm a little slut." She says as she winks at you before leaving the restroom.

You're left dumbfounded at what just happened. You just fucked a promiscuous, possibly 18 year old girl.

Congratulations. Hopefully you can live with yourself.

The End.

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