"Whatever daddy wants, daddy gets!"

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The older man's smile is wicked. "That so, boy? Good to hear." His grip rises up to your shoulders and he moves you towards the cot. When your knees hit the edge, you crawl up onto the simple bed - you realize the position leaves you ass-up toward the stocky daddy, your butt up in the air. His rough hands stroke your butt cheeks for a long moment, and he exhales.

"Daddy knows what he wants, boy. You stay put for daddy, you got it?"

The way he's talking to you makes you feel so submissive and sexy and nervous all at once. You nod, then reply, your voice coming out a little uneven. "Y-yes, sir!"

To your surprise, he lets go then, and you hear him move away from the cot. You start to turn, but his voice growls out again - a low rumble that goes straight to your stomach and makes you bite your lip.

"I said stay put. That means no peeking, boy."

You turn your head back to the head of the cot - which puts you facing the wall. A second later, you hear the older man open the door. You wonder where he's going, but then his footsteps return, and it strikes you what just happened. He opened the door so people could see him with you. Anyone walking by can now watch what's happening. Your stomach clenches, but your dick hardens all the more. You had no idea you could feel like this.

Then the stocky older man is climbing onto the cot in front of you. You look up past his stomach and wide chest and see him smiling down at you with an intense smile, and your eyes can't help but drop back down to his dick. He's hard, and his thick prick is right there by your lips. He leans back a bit, kneeling in front of where you're on all fours on the cot, and puts his fingers under your chin.

"You ready to get Daddy ready?"

"Yes, sir!"

You barely get the words out before the big older man gets a firm grip on your hair and pulls your face against his dick, filling your mouth with his thick cock. You struggle a bit to gain your balance and slowly adjust until his cock hits the back of your throat and stays there, the daddy holding you down on his cock. You take your time, and barely manage, your eyes filling with tears, and the old man pulls you slowly but inexorably onto his meat.

"Get it wet, boy," he says. "You got about a minute. That's all Daddy's giving you."

You're not sure what he means, but you grip the man's waist and try not to choke on his cock. Your mouth fills with saliva, and you bob yourself up and down his shaft deep enough that some of your tears run down your cheeks. You can barely breathe at first, but get there after a few dives onto his hard cock, taking short puffs through your nose, which gets alternately pressed against the man's thick stomach. You grunt, moving your tongue around beneath his shaft.

"Nice," a voice comes from outside the room. You shiver - someone has stopped and is watching you suck the older man. The daddy feels you move, and gives your hair a little tug. "Stay on task, boy."

You try to focus on his cock - but knowing that some stranger is watching you makes fills you with an incredible mix of shame and arousal. After what must be nearly a full minute, the older man starts to count down from ten, each word a deeper growl than the last.

You've never felt like this before - so submissive to the older man, and it's got your dick rock hard.

"Three... Two... One."

The daddy finishes his count and he pulls you away from his dick. You breathe once, deeply, as his cock slaps upward from your lips. The man grips your face in both hands and says, firmly, "Stay."

You stay.

He moves from in front of you, and you stay on your hands and knees, trembling, as you feel him first slide off the bed, and then move behind you. You know at least one person is still watching from the hallway when you hear a murmur. You swallow. A moment later, the older man grabs you by the waist and pulls you, rolling you over onto your back, and then he pulls your waist, sliding you until he's pulled you right to the edge of the cot. You try to sneak a glance past him, but he's positioned himself to block the view of the door. If he notices you looking, he doesn't say anything - he's staring down at his own dick.

"That's a decent load of spit, boy," the daddy says, and you can hear the smirk in his voice. "Best lube there is, a boy's spit."

You realize what he means with about a second to spare. The saliva on his cock is all the lube you're about to get. The stocky daddy lines up his dick at your pucker and pushes in with a long, constant thrust that makes you moan in the best kind of mix of fullness and pain. The man's bulk lowers over yours, and he slides his hands up your legs, holding them apart and presses his belly against your dick as he pushes the last few inches of his dick deep into your hole, burying himself into you.

"You like that daddy meat, boy?" he asks.

"Yes!" you blurt it out, pushing against him.

The man's grip is merciless, however, and he holds you still. You whimper.

"You want daddy to fuck you, little boy?"

"Yes!" You close your eyes and roll your head back, desperate to feel him move inside you.

He laughs. "Here you go, boy."

He starts to pummel at your hole with his dick without pausing to let you catch even a single breath. You let out a long low whimper as his dick pounds deep in your ass, the heat flowering up into something on the borders of torture it feels so good. His hands move your legs to the side and soon he's right on top of you, slamming into the edge of the cot and leaving you gasping for breath under the weight of his bulk. His sweat starts to drip down onto your chest with every thrust.

The murmur from the hallway is a bit louder this time - and you're not sure it's the same voice you already heard. It could be more than one person. Your view, though, is of the older man's chest as he pulls your legs higher and rolls you onto your shoulder blades with his rough thrusts.

"This what you wanted, boy?" he asks.

"Yes!" you manage to gasp.

He reaches up and takes one of your nipples, pinching it just enough. You cry out.

"Yes, what?" he asks.

"Yes, daddy!"

He laughs and lets go of your nipple, returning his grip to your shoulders and continuing the rough plowing. When your legs start to droop around his back, the older man just climbs onto the cot between thrusts, and gives himself more leverage to ram his cock home, bracing your legs on his shoulders. It seems to go on forever - but to your amazement, your dick never softens under the onslaught of the man's rough fuck. His grunts, the scent of his sweat, the feel of him using you as roughly as he is, knowing you're being watched - all of it combines into a mind-warping reality...

"You gonna be good for daddy's friends?" the man growls.

You can barely think - your ass is being hammered by his dick and it feels so fucking good - you agree mindlessly. "Yes! Yes, daddy!"

"Fuck!" the older man grunts, and your ass fills with the hot liquid relief of his load. He leans far over you, grinding his load in deep, panting and sweaty, then slowly raises himself on his arms. His thick cock slips free of your ass with a warm rush of spunk.

You lie on the cot for a moment, legs spread, panting for breath. You close your eyes, the reality of being observed just a bit too much right now. After a few breaths, you feel the older man crawling over you, returning to the head of the cot, and rising up on his knees again. He tugs under your armpits, rolling you again and you rise up onto your hands and knees, shaky from the fucking he gave you, but dick still hard. You open your eyes, and can see up the stocky man's whole body, his cock, slick with cum and spit, dripping just above your face.

"Hey, boy, show some manners - lick this clean for daddy."

You obey, putting the man's thick and cum-sticky dick in your mouth, and licking. You reach down to jerk yourself with one hand, and he smacks the top of your head. You let go. The daddy takes your chin in his hands, and smiles down at you.

"You said whatever daddy wants. And he doesn't want you to touch yourself, boy. Now," he says. "You suck that till daddy's hard again, and in the meantime, daddy's gonna let some people fuck his boy, too, and we'll see how long it takes you to come with a dick deep inside your little hole, okay?"

Your eyes widen as you lick at the shaft of the older man's dick. What did he just say?

"Next!" the older man calls, and there's a deep chuckle from outside the room. The bed shifts as someone you can't see moves behind you, and a hard dick presses against your freshly fucked and spermy-slick pucker.

Definitely a birthday you're not going to forget.

(The End - please send feedback to [email protected])

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