"What the hell, it's my birthday. Give me the pick-me-up!"

From Create Your Own Story

"Alright!" the tattooed guy cheers, and the guy with the goatee pops the pills into your mouth.

"Attaboy!" the wifebeater stud says, and slides a finger into your sticky hole. You roll your head back, smiling, and he says, "Hold 'em under your tongue."

You put the pills under your tongue, and they dissolve, leaving a nasty taste in your mouth. When you make a face, the pig straddles you and pushes his dick between your lips, and you suck on his cummy dick, getting rid of the chalky taste with the cum and sweat of his cock.

The wifebeater's finger is replaced by one of their cocks, and when the pig pulls out his dick, you feel an incredible rush. "Wow," you say. "That's good..."

They laugh, and then the party begins again.

They fuck you for hours, and you whine and whimper and beg for it. Your head spins and spins, and you feel yourself moved a few times into new positions and at some point you think you're in the bathroom, but you can barely keep anything straight beyond sucking and being fucked, opening your mouth and spreading your legs whenever they tell you to. Eventually, it all blurs together, and your eyes roll up and you pass out, hearing "Yeah, do him with that!" just as you lose consciousness.

You wake up in the hotel room the next morning, sticky and slick with cum, hungover, your mouth tasting awful, and needing the bathroom like crazy. You're alone in the room, and you stumble to the bathroom, where cum spills from your ass and you pee for what seems like ages. Your ass burns and aches, and you take a long shower - the stall smells like piss - before going back into the bedroom and digging up your dirty jeans and t-shirt. Your cell phone is sitting right beside the door on the floor, and when you check it, you see that you've received a lot of messages.

You look at them, and see that pictures have been sent from four other cell phones. Picture after picture of you getting fucked, sucking cock, and worse flash by. In one shot, you're in the shower stall, and three streams of piss are drenching your open mouth. In another, you're sitting on the tattooed guy's lap, his dick buried in your ass, and he's holding you back against him as the guy with the goatee shoves his dick into your ass at the same time. In another, you're on your knees, looking up, and four blurry dicks are circling your face, which is covered in cum. In the last picture, someone is shoving a beer bottle up your ass.

Your hand shakes as you get to the last message. It's a text.

It says, "Call us at this number next Friday night, or we'll send all these photos to your entire contact list. Looking forward to partying with you again!"

(The end - please send feedback to [email protected])

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