"Well, two is a very good start..."

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"Well, a greedy little piggy boy, eh?" the older man says. "How about we take him home, Al?"

The bear nods. "Yeah."

The stocky older man grins, and rises. You glance at his cock as the water sluices down his frame, and lick your lips - he's got a fat dick, and he sounds like he's not afraid to use it. The bear follows suit, and you watch him, his stocky body rising out of the water covered in hair made darker by the water of the hot-tub. He's a big guy, stocky, with just enough of a beer gut to make him a bear, and a thick cock that's standing rock hard in front of him. He grabs his towel, and the two men watch you as you get out of the water, their eyes fixed on your ass. You wrap your towel around yourself while the older men do the same.

You step out into the hallway together, and you notice the otter-type is now sucking off the Italian delivery stud in the hallway. The Italian winks at you, and you nod back. In the changing room, you put your clothes back on, and the stocky older man surprises you by dressing in a crisp white shirt and navy pants, and a jacket and tie. He must have come here from a pretty late business meeting, you figure, or after a very long day at work. The bear tugs on a white shirt as well, but no tie, and his pants aren't as formal.

Their car is very nice - a luxury model, the seats heated - and as you drive to the outskirts of the city where the larger homes sit, the two men don't talk much. The bear - Al - pulls out his cellphone and starts texting, and at one point shows it to Glen, the older daddy, who laughs.

"Usual suspects?" Glen asks.

The bear nods.

You sit in the back seat, looking at the backs of their heads, and think about being with both of these masculine, older men. Your dick grows hard.

Their home is massive, and they lead you in through the garage entrance. Once inside, you turn around, looking at the opulent home, and then turn back to the older man, eyebrows high. You glance at the stairwell that leads up, but he shakes his head.

"This way."

The bear chuckles, watching you look around. The older man gestures.

He leads you to some stairs that lead down off a mud room, down into a basement. Once you're down there, he leads you - one hand firmly on your shoulder - through a room with a massive entertainment system, and to a door on the other side. That he opens, and walks you inside, though it's dark. He clicks on a light, and you blink, stunned.

The bear chuckles again.

There's a sling hanging from the ceiling, and a metal cage with some black objects on top of it. A rack of objects on the far wall, as well - some obviously dildos and paddles, but some you're not sure about. There's a thick concrete pillar from which many handcuffs hang at varying heights as well, and what looks like one of those sawhorse things they use in construction, though the top is padded a little.

"Get naked, piggy boy," the daddy says. He loosens his tie. Beside him, Al the bear leers at you, his teeth visible in his beard.

You strip slowly, but eagerly - and your dick hardens. These stocky, masculine older studs are definitely dominant, and you're feeling so submissive. You bite your lip as you shed the last of your clothes, and Glen - the stocky older man smiles at you. He looks eager himself.

"You are an eager little pig, aren't you?" he says, his smile growing. "This way."

His hand grips your bare shoulder and he marches you over to the sling. You run one of the chains through your hand - spotting leather loops set into the chains that run to the ceiling. The stocky suited daddy follows you, and when you look back at him, he's smiling in a definitely eager way - the crotch of his suit pants are tenting under the pressure of his cock. Al the bear squeezes your shoulder, a wide grin hiding in his beard.

"Turn around," Glen says. He reaches over to the shelf and picks up a short black strap with silver studs on it, then turns you around until you're facing him. He pushes you a little, and you step back against the sling, your butt balancing on the edge and setting the sling to rock a little.

He takes your dick in one rough hand, and tugs a little. You moan, and he chuckles, wrapping the strap around your cock and balls and then clicking it in place - it's tight, but not entirely uncomfortable. You look down at the cockring, then back up at the men - they've crowded in close to either side of you, in front of the sling.

Glen loosens his tie and collar, then nods. Al the bear chuckles, and runs one hand down your chest, smiling, and stops at a nipple which he pinches suddenly and hard. You gasp and arch your back, and your dick throbs.

The bear chuckles. "Climb in, piggy."

It takes you a little bit of balancing to get yourself up onto the sling, but you manage, while the older men smile down at you. Once you're in, Al moves to your head and Glen steps between your legs. Glen lifts first your left ankle, then your right, sliding them through the leather loops that are affixed to the straps and you realize they're there to spread your legs wide. Your cock is hard against your stomach, oozing a little precome onto your skin. The daddy smiles down at you.

Al's rough hands take your wrists, pulling them up and apart. He tugs your hands through the leather loops, and then tugs on the straps - you feel them tighten around your wrists. You shift slightly on the sling, realizing that you're prone and tied in, legs spread - totally available for their use.

Glen's voice is low, and rumbles. "Now that's a thing of fucking beauty," he says, rubbing two thick fingers under your balls and probing your pucker. Your ass twitches, and you moan again. Then he slaps your balls with his open hand.

You yelp, and he chuckles, another slap following against your tender balls. You can't help but writhe on the sling, but you're so bound and limited in movement that all it does is make the sling start to rock. Al crouches over you, and his hot tongue licks at your left nipple, his rough hands still rubbing up and down your chest.

Glen tugs your balls, and you yelp.

"Gotta get our boy worked up, don't we?" Glen chuckles. Another tug, even harder. You moan and twist.

"Don't we, piggy?" the daddy repeats, louder. Al takes your nipple between his teeth and bites just enough to make you gasp.

"Yes!" you yelp out. "Yes!"

They chuckle. Glen continues to tug and twist on your balls, though the older man sometimes pauses for a few moments, or walks back and forth to look at you. Al twists a nipple again, sometimes licking, sometimes biting, and sometimes putting his bearded lips to your ear and reminding you that for tonight, you belong to their bear dicks - which is making your dick rock hard and throbbing and still captive to the cockring.

They swap ends for a while, and Al the bear crouches low between your legs and then buries his bearded mouth against your hole. His tongue is hard, slick, and wet and his rough beard scratches - the two opposing sensations have you bucking and writhing in the sling, your dick rock hard. Glen holds your chest to keep the sling steady, his fingers working both your nipples with relentless twists and pulls.

"You are a little whore, aren't you, piggy?" the older man laughs. "Look at how you like having your ass chewed."

You moan and writhe, the bear's tongue relentless and wet - his slurping and slobbering noises are incredibly erotic, and he takes your ass in hand, pressing your cheeks apart and truly digging his tongue inside you. You moan - one long, breathless moan of arousal - you're so fucking turned on!

"I think he wants something in his ass pretty bad," Glen says, stepping away. Al rocks back on his feet, grinning up at you from between your legs, his beard wet with spit. Glen reaches to the wall again, and pulls out a canister, which he unscrews. He scoops up a thick viscous white glob of some sort of grease on two fingers, and then he presses both into your pucker, reclaiming his spot between your legs. Your ass begins to loosen under the older man's fingers, but he doesn't stop, scooping up more of the greasy stuff and shoving his fingers into you with rougher and rougher jabs.

"Yeah, boy, we're gonna get you nice and slick..." You're soon moaning. Al returns to your head, and leans down, kissing you possessively and pressing his tongue into your mouth. His wet beard is rough and damp against your lips, and you moan into his mouth as once again his hands go to your sore and abused nipples.

"Yeah," the bear growls while the daddy pushes his fingers into your hole. "Look at that ass. That's an eager fucking ass you got there, boy." Glen's rough fingers torment your ass, three fingers diving into your slick hole, more of the grease rubbed into your pucker. His finger trails between your burning ass lips, and he rubs at your hole. "Look at that pretty little pucker," he says.

You groan, pushing back onto his fingers as best you can. He chuckles above you, then steps back, his fingers pulling away.

Lifting your head, you see past your own hard-on above the swing to watch the stocky man undo his suit pants and belt. Glen strips in front of you, down to his dress socks, folding his shirt and pants and suit jacket neatly and revealing his stocky thick frame as he does so. His dick is hard and thick, with a blunt head, and he reaches once more to the tub of grease and rubs it along his hard cock. At your head, you crane your head back when you hear the bear follow suit - once again revealing the big guy's hairy beer gut and a thick cock that's standing rock hard in front of him. The bear steps forward, and takes your head in both hands, tugging your face back and pushing his dick into your mouth. You open wide, and swallow his length, so turned on by the salty taste of his musk.

Glen's fingers are back - rough on your hole again, diving in without consideration to your comfort, and slick with the thick white grease. You groan and moan around the bear's dick, slurping and sucking to try and get past the rough treatment, and the older man fingers you all the rougher. Your dick and balls ache for release, and you hear yourself making needful whimpering noises while you suck on Al's dick.

"Yeah," Al laughs. "He likes it."

Glen grips your calves tightly, and then pushes himself into you hard and mean, burying his dick into your hole with a rough thrust that presses his shaved balls against your beaten ass. The feel of his stubbled skin against your red and sore ass lips is an intense mix of pleasure and pain, and you moan louder, gagging a little on Al's cock as the sling moves forward and buries his meat further into your throat.

"Yeah," Glen growls. "A tight hot fuckhole for daddy."

Glen grips your legs, pulls all the way out, and reburies his dick inside you again. You grunt, hands twisting in the leather loops, legs shaking in the older man's hands, and totally at his mercy while the bear fucks your throat. Glen's fucking is almost violently possessive, and you hear yourself moaning for it. His voice never rises, and his thick cock continues to assault your hole as he calmly reminds you with every thrust that you're his fuckhole, his boy, his toy to play with. Your head spins, your ass burns, and your dick throbs, and all the while the bear pounds his cock into your mouth opposite to Glen's rough thrusts.

When the older daddy does come, he does so with a rough shove and a long, low grunt. He stands over you, his dick buried in deep while his load spurts into your hole. His hands rub across your chest, and he reaches over you to twist your nipples again. You grunt.

"Yeah," he says, finally pulling out. You feel his load leak from your battered ass. "He's a good boy."

Al pulls his dick out of your mouth, and walks around to stand between your legs, his hard dick dripping with your spit.

"You want more, don't you boy?" he growls.

"Yes!" you hear yourself beg, and Glen laughs, leaning against the wall of toys.

Al lines up his dick, and shoves inside your hole, his cock sliding in the mix of spit and cum and grease. Already so abused, your pucker twitches and clenches on his thicker cock, and you throw your head back and moan as the bear pounds your hole, leaning over you and rubbing his hairy gut across your hard dick. His hands take your shoulders, and he fucks you with short thrusts while he looks into your face. His hand slides up to the top of your head, and he tugs on your hair.

"You started without us?" a voice startles you. You can barely turn your head in the bear's rough grip, but you catch a glimpse of two men coming down the stairs. Both are big, one blond and maybe in his forties, one bald and burly and built like a biker with tattoos up both arms visible beneath a black t-shirt.

"Couldn't wait," Glen grunts. Behind you, leaning against the wall of toys, Al shifts.

"Piggy here said he wanted a lot of bear dick tonight. It's his birthday," Al says.

"Yeah," Glen growls, fucking you all the rougher. "That's what you want, ain't it, boy?"

You open your mouth to answer, but as you do the bear thrusts deep into your hole, he spits into your mouth at the same time as he blows his thick wad inside you. He pulls out, grinning, his hot load dripping from your ass, and grins down at you while you swallow his spit, shocked.

You don't know what to say. Glen picks up the tub of grease, and pushes his fingers into it, and then his greasy fingers tug on your rock hard cock, still trapped in the cockring. You moan and twist, turning your head to the side. You see both new men are undoing their zippers. You close your eyes, biting your lip.

"Ain't that what you said, boy?" Al asks. "You said you wanted bear dick, yeah?" Glen's fingers are a hot slick massage that makes you grunt and twist.

"Yes!" you gasp, not sure if you're just answering the question, or begging for release. Al laughs.

Another cock presses between your legs, and you open your eyes to see the bald tattooed biker bear grinning down at you. You throw your head back as his cock slides into your greased up, twice-fucked hole.

"Please! Please!" you gasp, barely able to get the words out. A hard dick is pressed against your lips, and you see the blond bear above you, his shirt gone. He's incredibly hairy. You swallow his dick.

Glen laughs, and lets go of your cock. The two new men fuck you for a good twenty minutes while your dick remains rock hard and leaking precome, your load trapped by the cockring. Finally, the bald biker huffs and heaves and his thick hot spurts of cum erupt in your hole. You groan - you're so damn hard!

As the bear's dick slides from your mouth, you hear a third new voice.

"Nice!" You only catch a glimpse of the new arrival before the biker slaps his greasy, cum-sticky cock against your mouth.

"How many did you invite?" Al chuckles.

"The whole gang," Glen says.

Your head reels, but the blond bear is fucking you, and the bald bear's dick is hardening again in your mouth. And someone's hands - Al's? Glen's? - are twisting your nipples again and you can barely breathe...

Definitely a birthday you're not soon to forget.

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