"Wait a second guys, who says we can't all win?"

From Create Your Own Story

The two men turn to look at you. The bouncer smiles, and it's not an altogether kind smile.

"You a big fan of bar employees?" Mike asks, but you can tell by his tone he's not offended.

You feel yourself blush, but say, "I'm a big fan of you two."

"Who am I to deny a birthday boy his wish?" Mike says, and puts his hand on the back of your neck, giving your head a gentle shake. You feel your blush intensify.

The bouncer moves to the other side of you, pressing against your back a little, and sliding one hand across your chest. His stubbled chin is rough against your ear, and his voice is low and deep.

"That what you wish, birthday boy?" his voice goes straight to your cock, which thickens in your jeans. You can feel the bouncer's growing hard against the small of your back, his jeans rough through the thin fabric of your shirt. "You want us both, greedy boy?"

The bartender presses against your front, and you feel his dick against your stomach. It's obvious he's already quite recovered from your blow job. He leans in, and kisses you, his tongue sliding into your mouth, and you reach up and rub his incredibly hard chest through his sleeveless shirt. The man is built. He breaks the kiss.

"Tell us what you want," he says, and flicks his eyes past your face to where the bouncer stands behind you.

The bouncer's rough hands slide up and down your chest, rubbing at your nipples through your shirt. His lips touch your ear. "Yeah, boy. Tell us what you want."

You say...

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