"This boy would like that up his ass, daddy."

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The daddy bear grins, and wraps one rough hand around the back of your neck, tugging you forward until your foreheads rest against each other.

"That's just want daddy wanted to hear, boy," he grins. Taking a step backwards, he pulls you along with him through the rear exit of the bar, into the cooler night air of an alley behind the Midtown Pub. The door closes behind you, and you try to glance around, a little nervous as he walks you with one hand tight on your neck. It's a small, tight alley behind the bar, where two large garbage dumpsters are set, and the scent isn’t the greatest. The light from the street isn’t doing much here, but it’s a little brighter than the dimmed bar.

The daddy bear's grip on your neck doesn't relent until you're pressed against one of the dumpsters, and then he releases you. Standing close enough to you that you can feel his breath on your face, he reaches down between you and undoes his zipper, tugging out a thick uncut dick.

He smiles. "You ready to help out daddy, boy?"

You hand the daddy a small bottle of lube from your pocket. Then you drop your jeans and underwear, and turn around in the filthy alley, leaning against the dumpster and gripping the edge with both hands.

"Oh yeah," the daddy chuckles, and rubs a rough finger up between your ass cheeks. "Daddy found himself a really obedient boy tonight, didn't he?"

He takes his time squirting the small bottle of lube on your ass, and then spreading the cool liquid up and down with his rough fingers. He teases your ass for a few minutes, going knuckle deep, and you press yourself back against his finger.

"Eager little boy, aren't you?" he says. You let out a little moan in response, and he laughs.

He presses his dickhead against your slick hole, and pushes himself in slowly, taking a long breath when he has the full length of his stiff cock inside you. He grips your waist tightly, and begins to fuck his cock in and out of your ass with an almost lazy pace, taking his time. You press back against his cock, and by the time he's breathing heavier, you're shoving your ass eagerly back onto his dick. His thickness is hot in your ass, and you enthusiastically taking his deep thrusts, feeling more submissive than you've ever felt - getting fucked by an older daddy bear in an alley.

His voice is rough and sudden in the alley.

"That's right boy, you take daddy's cock," he growls. "Make you mine..."

With a bellow, the daddy bear slams his cock once more deep into your ass, pushing you against the dumpster, and you feel his thick hot cock erupt inside you. Four spasms of cum fill your ass, and spurt around his shaft, some trickling down your naked thigh. He presses hard against you, his beard at your ear, and shoves himself as deep as he can while he cums, grunting.

You stand like that a moment, and then you feel the daddy's hands grip the edge of your t-shirt and tug it awkwardly over your head. You have to let go of the dumpster, and his cock shifts a little painfully inside you, but you manage to raise your arms enough for the daddy bear to yank your shirt off. He wads it in one hand, and as he slides his cock out of your hole, he rubs the shirt between you ass cheeks, and you push out the cum onto the fabric. He chuckles, once he finishes his work, and steps back. You turn around, dick bobbing in the cool night air, and he tosses the shirt to you.

"Thanks for the fuck, boy," he says, and tucks his cock back into his jeans. He goes back into the bar through the back door, and you sit there for a moment, panting.

You realize you can't go back inside with cum spattered all over your shirt, so you rise shakily, tugging your jeans and underwear up over your naked ass, and make your way out of the alley, for the long walk home, carrying the cum soaked shirt in one hand.

Quite the birthday.

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