"The van sounds fucking awesome."

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"Right on," the guy in the wifebeater says. He rises, and you get up as well, feeling your dick strain in your jeans, and the other guys finish their drinks and follow suit. You head down the stairs with them, feeling a little dizzy, nervous, and incredibly horned up.

As you pass the bouncer at the front door, he says, "Have fun, guys. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!"

The guy in the pig shirt smirks as you all step outside. "Doesn't leave much. I bottomed for that guy once. Couldn't walk for a week." The others laugh.

In the parking lot, the guy in the wifebeater keeps one hand on your shoulder and leads you to a white van. He goes to the back, where he opens the rear of the van and says, "After you."

You climb inside, and see that the inside of the van is mostly stripped down, but that a mattress and some pretty dirty blankets have been tossed into the back. The guy in the wifebeater climbs in after you, and reaches up, turning on the overhead light. Then he digs around under the blankets, pulling out some ropes and smiles at you. Watching from beyond the open back doors of the van, the guy with the tattoos grins and says, "get naked, boy."

You blush, but you're beyond turned on, and you undo your belt, tug off your shirt, and after taking off your shoes, pull off your jeans and underwear. Your cock stands at attention, and the guy in the wifebeater gives it a squeeze, making you moan a little. Then he rolls you onto your stomach, and takes your hands behind your back, tying them with a piece of the rope. He takes your underwear next, and reaching around you, pushes them a little into your mouth, then ties a shorter piece of rope around your mouth and ties it at the back of your head, gagging you.

"If you want to stop," he says, leaning close to your ear, "All you gotta do is say, 'Stop please!'"

The men laugh. You let out a muffled sound through the underwear. They laugh again.

You hear the guy in the wifebeater undo his zipper, and tug down his jeans, and then a cool liquid squirts on your ass. His fingers slide up and down your ass crack a few times, and then he pushes his finger into your hole. You arch your back up to meet him, feeling beyond turned on from being so helpless and horny.

"Here you go, boy," he says, and lines his dick up at your hole. He shoves into you, and you grunt into the gag, fingers twisting helplessly as he slides his cock into you.

"Yeah," one of the other men says, "fuck him!"

The guy in the wifebeater doesn't waste time. He fucks you mercilessly, with rough thrusts that grind you into the dirty blankets. Lying on top of you, he pulls nearly all the way out before each thrust, slamming back into you at a furious pace. It doesn't take him long before he lets out a loud curse, and you feel his load spray inside your ass with a flood of heat.

"My turn," you hear the pig's voice, and you feel rough hands tug on your waist until you're up on your knees, but leaning down on the side of your face. He slams his cock into you, gripping you tightly in his hands, and says, "fuck yeah, that's tight and slick!"

They're quick and brutal, the pig fucking his load deep into your guts before the guy with the goatee takes his turn. The guy with the goatee rolls you onto your back, pinning your tied hands underneath you awkwardly and raising your legs to fuck you from above, looming over you while he fills your ass with his spunk. Then the tattooed guy takes you the same way, with a mean series of rough thrusts that actually slides the mattress a bit further into the van.

When he comes, adding the fourth load to your ass of the night, he grips your legs tightly and turns you over while he pulls himself out, corkscrewing his cock inside you. You grunt into the gag before you're face-down on the blankets again. You rub your cock into the dirty sheets, desperate to get off, and unable to touch yourself.

"Still horny, aren't you, boy?" the guy in the wifebeater says. You nod your head wildly.

He laughs, and when the guy with the tattoos slides out of the back of the van, they talk in low voices for a couple of seconds, then laugh. You hear some of the men walk away, and you strain to turn your head to see what's going on, and find only the guy in the wifebeater is still present.

He leans into the van and slides two fingers into your slick hole, and you breathe out, moaning, rubbing your dick against the blankets.

"Don't worry, boy," he says. "We'll take care of you."

He's still fingering you when you hear footsteps approach again, and you turn to see that the tattooed guy is back, with a gray bearded man in jeans and a brown t-shirt that says “Daddy” across his chest in yellow letters. He nods at you, and gives your ass a long look.

“Bet that’s a tight one.”

He’s a little scary. He’s probably thirty or forty years older than you, and there’s something in his gaze that’s aggressive and mean. He's got a good package in those jeans, and his chest is wide, with hairs peeking out over the top of his Daddy t-shirt.

You turn your eyes to the guy in the wifebeater, who laughs, and pulls out his fingers.

The daddy fucks you in the back of the van, as do four other men the guys bring from the bar, and take a second turn each, until your head is spinning and you can barely register what's going on. Cum pours from your asshole. None of your fuckers wore a condom. Every time you try to say that you've had enough, the guys laugh and say, "Sorry? What's that?" and someone fucks you again. Hours pass, and then finally, they untie you, done for the night.

The guy in the wifebeater takes your throbbing cock and jerks you, and you come with an almost painful release, across your stomach and the dirty blankets.

"Was it everything you wanted?" he asks you.

You can't help it. You nod.

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