"The more extreme, the better."

From Create Your Own Story

"Careful, honey. That sort of talk can get a girl killed." She pauses. "Or worse." She flips out a binder and thumbs through, pulling two pages from it. "Here, take a look at these." You glance over the first one.

"Wow. She's..." Huge, is the word you're thinking of. Easily seven foot tall, with a clean, athletic build, and blonde hair braided down to her finely sculpted rear.

"Anya. A native aussie, here by way of London. She's an expert at inflicting incredible amounts of pure, sensuous pain." The receptionist shudders a little. "Truly an artist."

"You've used her?"

"Been used by her, yes." She laughs. You turn your gaze onto the next portfolio page. It's of a short, improbably busty - they're probably implants, but they're still amazing looking - asian woman, with her hair up in a loose bun, holding what looks like a whip covered in small metal studs. "That's Mistress Terri. She'll hurt you about as much as Anya, but it'll hurt for a lot longer."

"Why's that?"

"She prefers things the old-fashioned way. No chemical use, and lots of toys that can scar you for life." The receptionist leans back in her seat, thinking. "Her sessions can actually last for days. We've had... mm... about three fatalities from her, total. All accidental, of course."

"Of course." As you're mulling over the two choices, the receptionist slides out a third sheet.

"And then there's this one. She's far worse..." Your eyes bulge at a photo of the short woman in front of you, still with the same simple bob cut, the same librarianesque boxy glasses, but now stripped nude to reveal pierced nipples, a broad, firm set of hips, and an evil sneer. In the photo she's carrying what looks like a stun baton, and is wearing what looks like a strap-on with clusters of steel nails sticking out from the head and the base. "So what'll it be?"

Which do you pick?

Health Horny & Female Location:

The Ball And Chain

MP 0
Level 5
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