"Tamara, you're as much as I can manage."

From Create Your Own Story

"I'm just happy to have something that's not plastic," Tamara says with a giggle. She climbs onto the bed and gently strokes you to your full hardness. For someone so muscular, she certainly has a delicate touch.

"That feels quite nice," you say. "I didn't think..."

"You didn't think someone so muscular could have so much finesse," Tamara says. "You ain't seen nothing yet."

Tamara lowers her massive body down onto your face. "Fiona says you're the best at this," she purrs.

You kiss her muscular thighs, sliding your tongue upwards towards her slit. Tamara lowers herself down further, slowly so as not to crush you, and you begin gently licking along her slit. She settles herself fully onto your face, careful not to squeeze your head between her powerful legs. It isn't long before her honey begins to leak out, and you lick it up eagerly.

Tamara, meanwhile, is expertly teasing your body. She runs her nails up and down along your ribs, kisses your chest and gently bites your nipples. She proceeds to lean farther forward and flicker the tip of her tongue over your cockhead, making your body shiver. "Mmmf," you moan into her pussy.

Tamara begins to circle her tongue around the head of your dick, while stroking it with one hand and teasing your balls with the other. You feel shudders of pleasure go through your body under her expert ministrations. "Oh, yes," Tamara moans. "You're more than ready, lover."

She lifts herself off of your face and impales her pussy on your swollen rod. Her legs lock around your hips in a viselike grip, and you hope she won't squeeze the life right out of you. You remember the Bond villainess who would kill people while riding their dicks...

Tamara's voice breaks into your thoughts, almost as if she was reading your mind. "Don't worry, lover boy. I won't pull a Xenia Onatopp -- I like you too much for that." She slides her massive body up and down on you, using her powerful internal muscles to squeeze your dick every time she slides down. Her steaming box feels like a velvet glove wrapped around you. Her legs tense and she begins shivering with pleasure.

"I'm... cumming!" Tamara howls, flooding you with her juices. You fire a massive blast of spunk into her. Tamara rolls off of you and lies on the bed, trying to catch her breath.

"Wonderful show," Fiona says. You had forgotten about her while Tamara was using your body, but you see she's got her fingers buried in her pussy. "I came twice while watching you two. Let me just free this stud from his bonds." She unties the scarves and removes the collar from around your neck. You're still too spent to move, trying to recover from the session with Tamara.

"You up for more, babe?" Fiona asks you. "I could use a ride on you, myself... or maybe you'd like to watch us girls while you recuperate."

Health Horny Location:

Fiona's House

MP 0
Level 1
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