"Take your time, ladies."

From Create Your Own Story

"Mhmm..." Beth moans as she takes the soap and smears the bar all over her giant left breast. You can see her nipples getting erect as she runs the bar over them. She goes to her right breast and starts rubbing, leaving her other one sudsy. Eventually both of her big melons are covered in soap, and she hands the bar to Liz.

Liz graciously accepts the bar of soap and begins rubbing her beautiful jugs with it. She and her sister are constantly looking at you, playfully puckering their lips and making kissing noises. Beth joins her sister in soaping her big breasts, and soon Liz's hands are reaching for Beth's tits.

Your mouth is watering as you watch both of the busty redheads soaping each others boobs. You watch as they press their huge racks together, both girls giggling as they swing their chests from side to side, their big bazooms butting nipples.

Subconsciously, your hips are slowly bucking forward repeatedly, your cock at full length pointing up towards their massive chests, ready for action.

"Mmmm..." Beth moans as she and Liz both look at you, their big racks still mashed together. "Are you ready for your bath, Stud?"

Health Horny Location:

The Gym

MP 0
Level 2
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