"Take me out of this tank."

From Create Your Own Story

"Thought that might change yer mind," the captain says.

He hauls you out of the tank. His octopus tosses your bikini onto the cabin's floor. The captain tosses you onto his bed. It's nice and bouncy. Despite your circumstances, you find yourself smiling when the captain removes his belt and opens up his pants. He's packing a nice thick piece of meat.

Captain Dante climbs on top of you and rubs his dickhead against your slit. The thought of being ravished by an actual pirate has your pussy dripping wet. Despite the size of his pecker, he's able the stuff the entire length of it into your sopping slit. Once he's completely filling your pussy, he raises his hips, drawing his dick back out of you. You whimper and he slams his hips down, filling you back up and forcing a moan from your lips. He clearly likes your horny moan, because he does it again, and again, moving faster and slamming himself into you harder each time.

"Fuck me!" you say. "Oh, yeah, that's it!"

The bed creaks as the captain slams himself into you. You scream and shudder beneath him as you cum. The captain stiffens and grunts as he pumps you full of spunk.

Do you:

Health Horny and Hormonal Location:

Captain Dante's Cabin

MP 0
Level 1
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