"Sure! I like party favors, stud."

From Create Your Own Story

In the van ride to the hotel, whatever drugs you swallowed hit your system. Your dick gets rock hard in your jeans, and your head is buzzing with a very generous feeling. When he pulls into the hotel parking lot, the guy in the wifebeater nearly hits the parking median, and you and the pig laugh as you get out of the van. You have to adjust your dick in your jeans twice on the way to the hotel room door, which is the furthest from the office in a sleazy motel strip layout.

The three of you get inside, and before you're even all the way in, the two guys are shucking their shirts and undoing their jeans. You stumble a bit getting your jeans off - your head is just whizzing! - and when you straighten up, your cock stands out at attention. The door opens again, and the other two guys come in. The guy with the tattoos has already lost his shirt, and the guy with the goatee quickly follows suit.

"Me first!" the pig says, and grabs you, shoving you onto the bed. You fall on your back, laughing, and he grabs your legs and raises them high, aiming his hard cock at your hole.

"Here," the tattooed guy says, and squirts something on your ass and the pig's dick from what looks like a spray-can. You glance at it, and see that it's some sort of cooking oil.

"Fuck yeah!" the pig says, and shoves into you wildly. You roll your head back and grunt - everything feels so fucking awesome. The pig moves directly into pounding your ass, and the bed shifts as the guy in the wifebeater - who has now taken it off, you dimly realize - straddles your face and rubs his balls into your lips.

You're just about to suck them into your mouth when you hear a familiar ringing sound from near the door. There's laughter, and you turn your head in time to see the guy with the black goatee lift your jeans and get your cell phone out of the pocket.

"Shit!" you laugh. "Should have turned it off!"

The guy with the goatee opens it and says, "Sorry, he can't come to the phone right now, he's getting fucked," then slams it shut.

"Holy shit!" you say, but then the wifebeater guy's balls are in your mouth and you're sucking them.

The guy with tattoos moves behind the pig and puts his hands on the pigs shoulders. "Fuck him!" he says. "Fuck him! Fuck him!"

Soon the guy with the goatee picks up the chant, and the pigs thrusts slam into your ass faster and faster. He cums with an extended grunt, and your ass fills with heat.

"Go!" the guy with the goatee says, tapping the wifebeater guy on the shoulder. He pulls his balls from your mouth, and as soon as the pig pulls out, he rams his dick inside you. You grunt and moan, and reach for your cock, but the tattooed guy takes your hands and pins them over your head, crawling over you and dropping his dick in your mouth. He starts to fuck your face, and you do your best to bob your head in time with his thrusts, gagging but sucking like a champ while your ass gets pounded and pounded.

When the wifebeater guy cums, he lets out a whoop, and pulls out of you while the tattooed guy slides down to your ass for his turn. The guy with the goatee climbs up over you and takes your mouth in his hand long enough to pop two more pills into your mouth before he pushes his dick in. You can't help but swallow, and when he cums the powdery taste is washed away by his sperm.

They fuck you for hours, and you whine and whimper and beg for it. Your head spins and spins, and you feel yourself moved a few times into new positions and at some point you think you're in the bathroom, but you can barely keep anything straight beyond sucking and being fucked. Eventually, it all blurs together, and your eyes roll up and you pass out, hearing "Yeah, do him with that!" just as you lose consciousness.

You wake up in the hotel room the next morning, sticky and slick with cum, hungover, your mouth tasting awful, and needing the bathroom like crazy. You're alone in the room, and you stumble to the bathroom, where cum spills from your ass and you pee for what seems like ages. Your ass burns and aches, and you take a long shower - the stall smells like piss - before going back into the bedroom and digging up your dirty jeans and t-shirt. Your cell phone is sitting right beside the door on the floor, and when you check it, you see that you've received a lot of messages.

You look at them, and see that pictures have been sent from four other cell phones. Picture after picture of you getting fucked, sucking cock, and worse flash by. In one shot, you're in the shower stall, and three streams of piss are drenching your open mouth. In another, you're sitting on the tattooed guy's lap, his dick buried in your ass, and he's holding you back against him as the guy with the goatee shoves his dick into your ass at the same time. In another, you're on your knees, looking up, and four blurry dicks are circling your face, which is covered in cum. In the last picture, someone is shoving a beer bottle up your ass.

Your hand shakes as you get to the last message. It's a text.

It says, "Call us at this number next Friday night, or we'll send all these photos to your entire contact list. Looking forward to partying with you again!"

(The end - please send feedback to [email protected])

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