"Stick with people, please."

From Create Your Own Story

"OK," Sally says. "Here we go!"

The feeling of 10 hands caressing your body at the same time is overwhelming. Your body begins quivering with pleasure, and you feel like you're going to go into sensory overload.

You feel tongues exploring your legs and your slit. Sally and Jack are both sucking on a nipple. The pleasure rocks through you. One of the tongues finds your clit and you shudder with a powerful orgasm.

A pussy appears over your face and lowers down. You begin licking away as you feel a dick slide into your box. The another dick prods against your ass.

Slowly and gently, the dick poking your rear moves into your back channel. The feeling of being double penetrated makes you climax again.

The next couple of hours are a blur of pussies and dick in your various holes. You orgasm more times than you can count.

Finally, everyone seems to have had enough. You've never had such a good time in your life as you have here, but you feel like a limp dishrag.

Your eyes close for a moment. When you open them, you see Sally's face. "Enjoying yourself, sweetie?" she asks.

Health Horny and Hormonal Location:

The Paradise House

MP 0
Level 1
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