"Spank me, daddy! Please!"

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He grins, and gives your ass a rough slap that burns on impact. "You've a naughty fucking boy, aren't you?"

"Yes!" you yelp, and he spanks you again, even harder, and you rub your dick into his crotch furiously, already rock hard.

"Nasty boy," he growls. "Fucking whore, aren't you?"

You nod your head rapidly, "Yes, daddy!"

He grunts, slapping your ass over and over, and soon his brown polyester shirt is clinging to him with sweat, and you're breathing heavily against the driver's side door, squirming, your ass burning and red. When he stops spanking you, and rubs his rough hand over your reddened cheeks, you practically whimper. His laugh is low and rumbles against your body.

"Get up," he orders, and you climb off his lap painfully, once again standing beside him. Your cock is rigid still, even as your ass throbs with every heartbeat.

The gray haired man leans forward and swallows your cock, wrapping his hands around your ass cheeks in a painful squeeze that makes your spanked ass burn hot. You gasp, and he sucks your dick with loud slurps, and in mere seconds, you feel your load burst into his mouth. Obviously an expert cock-sucker, he swallows your load, releasing you and wiping his lips.

"Good boy," he says, and turns the engine over. "You need a lift home?"

You nod. There's no way you can do anything else with your ass tanned red. You painfully tug up your pants.

You stand in the opening holding onto a leather strap while the gray haired man drives you home. He turns the truck off outside, however, and you look at him, surprised. He gestures to the back of the truck, and you duck through the opening.

"Sit," he says. You awkwardly slide down onto your knees and then painfully sit cross-legged on the floor. Tears form in your eyes at the pressure on your ass.

The gray-haired man unzips his brown polyester pants, and pulls out a long cock, cut, with slightly graying pubic hair. You grip the dick and stroke him for a little while, looking up at the him.

"That's right, boy," the gray haired man says, closing his blue eyes after a moment and letting out a slow breath as his dick hardens under your fingers. "Treat daddy right."

You slide the gray haired man's cock into your mouth, licking up and down his shaft and cupping his balls in your hand while you swallow his meat and teasing his balls with your hand. He makes noises of enjoyment, putting a hand on your head, and tugging your mouth back to his dick if you linger too long on his balls. You bob your head faster on his dick, sucking harder and stroking more vigorously.

"Here, boy." The gray haired man takes your face in hand and slides his cock into your mouth, fucking your face rapidly with three more thrusts before you feel his cock throb in your mouth and his cum spurts into your throat. You swallow and gag at the same time, trying to choke his load down, and more or less succeeding. You lick at his cock, getting the last drips of cum out of his dick and slurping all the way down to his balls. When you finally lean away from him, he's grinning down at you from above, blue eyes full of amusement.

"You learned your lesson?" he asks.

You nod. Then you go inside, and crawl into bed with a very satisfied smile on your face, and an ass that's burning red hot.

Happy birthday, indeed.

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