"Sorry, Mac. I've gotta go."

From Create Your Own Story

"Well shit," Mac growls. "Here I thought I'd found me a hole to plug."

You shiver - this guy is too rough - and start down the stairs.

"You sure?" his voice is loud in the stairwell, but you keep going, and hear him swear as you hit the bottom steps and leave him behind. You barely break stride passing the bouncer, not making eye contact, and step out into the cool night air.

By the time you get home, you're shaking, but you're rock hard. You've never been so manhandled before, and you have a sinking suspicion it's something you very much enjoy. You jerk yourself off thinking about rough men who have no compunction about using you hard, and blow a wad of spunk like you've never seen before.

Definitely a birthday you'll never forget.

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