"Sorry, Daddy, I don't feel good. Time to go home."

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Steve laughs. "Boy doesn't know enough not to take a drink from strangers."

You try to wrap your head around that, but it's hard. A drink from strangers? The only drink you took from strangers was from the four guys upstairs... But they did speak to Steve... You awkwardly start to pull up your pants, feeling Steve's cum leak from your hole.

The daddy bear shakes his head. "Well damn. Let me give you a ride, boy," he says, and puts one heavy arm over your shoulder. You lean against him, barely able to keep upright. A drink from strangers, you think, your brain fuzzy. Shit. Those guys upstairs put something in your drink... You shift, pulling up your zipper over your hard dick. You're still insanely horny.

"I should go home," you say. The daddy bear nods, and leads you toward the bathroom door. You're about to say more, but you can barely keep up with the daddy bear. He leads you out the back door of the bar, through a tight alley by some garbage cans, and to a pick up. He opens the passenger side for you, and helps you climb in. You get in, feeling very light headed - and still rock hard.

The daddy bear pulls out a flask and pours it onto a rag. You watch him blearily for a second, and then he holds it out to you. When you reach for it, he grabs you by the back of your neck and shoves the cloth against your mouth and nose. You wince. It smells terrible. You struggle to get away from him, but his hand presses the cloth against your mouth, and you breath in deeply, surprised. The scent goes right through you, and you feel your knees go weak, and you slump in the seat. You feel your eyes roll back, and then there's nothing.

You come to sometime later, but when you open your eyes, you can't see. You realize you're blindfolded, and try to cry out, but your mouth is full of something rubber. Your hands are tied behind your back, and you're naked, leaning over some sort of padded surface. Your head spins, and your dick is rock hard... there's a metallic taste in your mouth, and you wonder where you are. You try to stand up, but your legs are braced far apart, and something has them tied that way. You make a muffled noise into the rubber gag, afraid.

Your eyes widen when you hear a digital "click" noise, not that you can see anything. You twist your head as the clicks continue, and hear a low voice chuckle. Someone - you assume the daddy - moves around you. You hear the “click” sound a few more times, and then you hear him typing on the phone. You make inarticulate noises into the gag. "Just a minute, boy," he growls at you. A moment later, you hear him put whatever device it was down.

"All right," the daddy bear says. "Now where we before you took a nap?"

He spits into your hole a few times, and then uses one rough finger to push his spit in, slicking you up. You moan at the feel of his finger inside you, ass still burning from Steve's pierced cock, and your head foggy from whatever it was he used to knock you out. You hear him undo his belt, and unzip.

"Gonna fuck you, boy," he growls. "Gonna ream you till you split. A boy should learn not to take drinks from strangers, or get into trucks with men they don't know. Gonna make sure you learn that lesson, boy."

A second later his hand slaps your ass, hard. You yelp into the gag, and the daddy laughs. "Get it nice and hot for daddy's dick," he growls, and slaps your ass again. You writhe, the sting of the slap echoing with a heat that blooms across your ass cheeks. He kneels behind you, and presses into your ass with his mouth, making you squirm against him, then stops again, fingering your hole - then out of nowhere, three more rough slaps crack against your skin. The alternating pain with the roughness of his beard and the heat and slick feeling of his tongue and fingers makes you crazy, and you're soon groaning and breathing hard into the gag. Finally, with a chuckle, he presses his body across your ass – you feel the weight of his hot hard dick against the small of your back.

"Gonna fuck you so hard," he says. "And you want it, don't you, boy?"

Your head spins, and you're so hard. You moan and writhe.

He rubs his cock up and down between your ass cheeks, and grips and tugs your waist until you rise up on your toes – an awkward position with your legs spread so far apart and tied to whatever it is he has you bent over. Then he grips your waist tighter, lines up his dick at your hole, and shoves in with nothing but the spit and the last remnants of Steve's cum for lube.

He's thick, and his rough entry makes you cry out a little into the rubber gag, your spanked ass absolutely red with heat. He grunts, pushing himself in deeper, and you gasp in a breath. He chuckles, and you can feel his dick vibrate with his laughter. He leans over you, pushing his dick in further.

"We’re in one of those storage rental bins, boy," he says. "Be as loud as you can, if you want. Gag's just my way of making sure you don't say "no" to anything I want. Ain’t nobody to hear you."

You shiver.

Then he starts to fuck you with ruthless thrusts from the get-go. You grunt and moan and cry out but the sounds are muffled into the gag, and you wouldn't want him to stop anyway. Whatever he's drugged you with has you beyond horny, and the sensation of his cock beating your ass inside is incredible, and his rough grip and gravelly voice make you feel more submissive and boyish than you've ever felt in your life. Helpless in the hands of this daddy bear, you push back onto his cock until your legs grow weak and you collapse onto the padded surface, your hard dick rubbing into the padding. You’ve never felt like this – tied up, gagged, getting thoroughly fucked by his cock. Your ass is on fire, cheeks scorched by his hands, and your inside aches as his dick rams home again and again.

"Yeah, take daddy's dick, boy..." he growls as he fucks you. "You like daddy fucking your ass, don't you boy?"

You make a noise into the gag, and nod furiously. Your hair is wet with sweat, and you can feel drops of the man's sweat hitting your back.

"You want it meaner, don't you boy?"

You make a desperate noise, not even sure what you think. He laughs, and fucks you all the harder, squeezing your waist so tight you know there'll be bruises. Without warning, he pulls out, and you grunt in surprise and pain. His hand slaps your ass again.

"Just the start, boy," he says. "You're gonna take cock all fucking night! You want cock in you deep, don't you boy?"

You nod your head rapidly, and make a noise that's nearly a yell, and he laughs, pushing his dick back into you and thrusting a few dozen more times with rougher and rougher thrusts. He batters your ass for what feels like an hour, tilting slightly to the left or right now and then to make his dick rub different parts of your sore and burning hole. You’re covered in sweat, and you can smell his musk in the air of the small room. Finally, with a loud grunt, he shoves in deep and comes, spilling his spunk deep in your hole. You arch your back, your own cock so hard and aching for release, and feel his load fill your insides with wet heat.

He pulls out, panting, and lets go of your waist. He pushes two fingers into your ass, getting them slick with his load, and then uses his other hand to tug the gag away from your mouth just long enough to make you lick his fingers clean. Then the gag goes back on.

You hear a car on gravel. Your eyes go wide in the blindfold, and you try to turn your head, but balanced and tied up, you can’t do anything. The daddy laughs, and gives your ass a playful slap.

"Don't worry, boy," he says. "I invited them."

You hear car doors slam. You yell a little, and he laughs.

You hear multiple footsteps in the gravel, and then a new voice. “Well shit, look at that." You shiver, your ass in the air, sticky with cum, completely helpless.

"Yeah," the daddy bear calls. "I got cheap takeout."

Multiple men laugh.

You moan piteously.

"Well shit," the daddy bear says, slapping your ass. "You guys hear that? Boy just begged for someone to fuck his ass raw. That's what you're saying, right boy?"

You moan louder.

Another voice speaks up. "I can help with that. I like sloppy seconds."

They fuck you all night, though you never quite figure out how many of them there are - taking turns until you’re barely able to stay awake. After what must be hours, the daddy's voice tells everyone that he thinks you're done, and you slump against the surface. Just as you black out, you hear the men laugh, and the daddy say he knows just the place to leave you for someone to find you.

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