"Ready for you to fuck me like the whore I am, stud."

From Create Your Own Story

The massive man laughs, and grips your ass tight. He slides one thick finger into you as he shoves you painfully against the shelves.

“Gotta get you ready for my meat, you little slut,” he says, pushing his finger deep into your barely slick hole. You grunt and yelp, and he growls into your ear, adding another finger roughly, and then a third. You yelp as your ass stretches, and you feel sweat breaking out on the stud's chest, damp against your back.

You twist against the leather straps, and he takes your hair with his free hand and tugs your face back. You look up at him, towering above you, feeling his fingers rough in your ass.

“Get ready, whore,” he says, and spits in your face.

He pushes his fingers deeep into your ass with a quick jerk and you gurgle out a cry. Your back arches as you try to accommodate the assault.

“You like that, whore?” he snarls. “Tell me you like that!”

“I like it,” you manage, and he starts to rhythmically shove his fingers in and out of your ass, fucking you with his calloused hand.

“Yeah, I thought so,” he says. “I saw you all night. You came here with a mission, didn't you? You’ll do anything for a cock up your ass, won’t you?” Each question ends with a thrust of his fingers. His hairy chest scratches against your back.

“Yes!” you yell.

“Damn right,” he says, and yanks his hand out. You gasp with the suddenness of it, but then he straightens, and gripping your waist with both hands, he lines himself up and then shoves his massive meaty cock to the hilt up your battered and bruised hole. The angle is cruel, and his thickness and length batter you deeper inside than you've ever felt a cock reach, but you’re so hard you can’t believe it – and you hear yourself begging him to fuck your ass.

“That’s right, cunt,” he says, thrusting deep. “You take my cock.”

He shifts his stance as he fucks, aiming his dick at harder angles in your ass, and you yelp and squirm and swear as he plows you. He’s fucking you at a furious pace, slamming you into the shelves and grunting with every thrust. Your ass has never been this battered before, and you're soon whimpering and yelping with every thrust. Finally, he bellows once, slamming against your back when he cums. Your ass floods with his load, which spurts around his thick dick and slides down your thighs. You feel your own release hit a moment later, spraying onto the shelf.

You both stand there for what seems like a long while, and then he slides out of you with a slick sound. He stands, and you struggle to stay standing as he unties you from the shelves. You stand there, ass aching and sore, your head light and dizzy.

He walks away and starts to dress, and you follow him dazedly, finding your own shirt, jeans and shoes. When you pull them on, you turn to see him looking at you. He flicks a five dollar bill at you, which lands at your feet.

“Here you go, whore,” he says.

You bend down and pick it up. He laughs.

“See you next Friday,” he says, and goes to unlock the bar door.

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