"Quick and filthy, just like me."

From Create Your Own Story

"Fuck me," you say. You pull out a little bottle of lube from your pocket and hand it to the Italian delivery man, then undo your belt and unzip your jeans, turning around and tugging your pants down. The air is cool against your ass and your cock stands up, hardening at the thought of the man fucking you in the filthy alley. He chuckles. Maybe he's right - maybe you do like it too dirty.

You brace your hands against the closest dumpster, and you feel the Italian squirt the lube between your ass cheeks, and then his rough fingers rub the cool liquid and up and down around your hole. He shoves a fingertip into you, and you push back against him, driving it further into you. You let out a little moan.

"You're an eager little whore, aren't you?" he says, his voice rumbling. "My favorite kind."

He rubs at your ass with his finger for a bit longer, and then removes it. You hear the him undo his zipper, and a moment later, two rough hands take your waist. You grip the edge of the dumpster, waiting for it, biting your lip, and then you feel a hot cockhead press against your ass. You look over your shoulder and see the Italian standing behind you, his brown polyester pants tugged down a few inches, and his shirt undone, his hairy chest visible.

The hairy delivery man pushes into you with a single strong thrust, and you arch your back at the sensation. He's thick, and his cock drives into your willing ass, stretching you with a heat that makes your legs shake. The Italian grunts when his balls slap against the back of your ass, and shifts his grip on your waist slightly.

"Fucking tight," he says, then starts to pull back out again, nearly all the way, before shoving back inside you.

He laughs. "But not for long," he says.

He shoves his dick back into you, hard. You grip the dumpster, legs spread, and gasp at the feel of his thick cock driving back inside you. He pulls nearly all the way out after every rough thrust, slamming his cock to the balls every time. You're soon grunting and pushing your ass back against the assault, and his hands grip your waist so tight you're pretty sure he's bruising you. His cock feels fantastic.

Then, without warning, he pulls out completely, and slaps your ass. He tugs at your shirt, making you pull away from the dumpster just a moment as he pulls it over your head, and then he shoves you back against the filthy metal container. You crane your head, confused, but then he aims his cock at your hole and enters you just as rough, with all the strength of his wide body, and you have to shift your step and grab at the dumpster to stay on your feet at his violent thrusts. He has your shirt tossed over one shoulder.

"Yeah," the Italian growls. "You like that dick, boy?"

"Yes," you gasp, pushing back onto his thick cock.

He grunts, and starts fucking you hard and quick. His hairy balls slap against your ass with every slam, and soon you're holding onto the dumpster with white knuckles, trying to maintain your position against his rough fucking. You start go grunt with nearly every thrust, gasping between, and your cock is rock hard in front of you. You're being used in a filthy alley by a man who knows how to dish it out.

He reaches around you to pinch and twist one of your nipples. The sensation is too much, and you feel your cock erupt with cum against the side of the dumpster, stunned that you didn't have to jerk yourself to cum.

"We're not fucking done yet," the hairy delivery man snaps, and if anything, fucks you all the harder. You moan, gripping tight to the filthy dumpster.

He grunts when he finally comes, burying his load deep into your hole, and an extra-tight squeeze against your chest. The hairy man pulls out of your ass as rough as he entered it, and you wince, feeling his cum drip down your thigh.

"Fuck yeah," the Italian says, breathing heavy. The scent of sweat is heavy on the man, and your own skin is slick with it. You slowly stand, and see that the hairy man is wiping his dick on your shirt. He tosses it back to you, then tucks his dick in, and leaves you, heading down the alley to the parking lot around the front.

You stand there, catching your breath, and holding your shirt, which has cum smeared on it. You tug your jeans and underwear back into place, aware that wetness is spreading from the hot load you just took, and shrug into the shirt. It sticks to you.

You sigh. Your ass has been thoroughly fucked, and you're a mess of sticky cum. Time to head home.

You head down the alley, starting the walk back to your place.

Damn fine birthday.

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