"Please tie me up."

From Create Your Own Story

"Really?" Lita giggles. "You don't mind being at our mercy? We might never let you go, you know."

You smile and position yourself spread-eagled on the bed, where Lita quickly secures you in place.

Annabelle rubs her slit against your stiff rod, teasing you some, before she climbs on. Lita settles her snatch onto your face and you focus on eating her.

Annabelle's movements are deliberately slow at first, as she settles into a rhythm. Your tongue slides along Lita's slit, licking up her juices as she begins to respond to your ministrations.

Annabelle begins to increase the pace, slamming down on you harder and faster. You flick your tongue over Lita's clit before plunging deep inside of her. You slurp as much of Lita's honey as you can, making her moan.

Annabelle's legs tighten around you. She quivers with pleasure as she climaxes, milking you. You fire off deep inside her box. Your tongue licks deep inside Lita as she floods you with her orgasm.

When all of you are done, Lita and Annabelle disentangle themselves and snuggle against you. Your eyelids feel heavy and they want to close.

Health Horny Location:

Lita's House

MP 0
Level 5
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