"Please flip me over."

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"As you wish," Mistress Tara replies. She squeezes her arm around your neck, maiking you black out for a moment. When you recover, you're tied to the bed facing upwards, with your legs spread wide apart. You hear noises, then a ball gag is inserted into your mouth and secured.

"I want to punish you, not break you in half," Mistress Tara says. "This should do nicely." You feel something poking at your rear. Mistress Tara works some lube into your crack, then slowly begins working something inside you.

"Just relax," she purrs. "My strap-on isn't too massive." She eventually works it all the way in, then begins slowly sliding in and out while her hand wraps around your cock. She strokes you to your full length.

"I'll be nice," Mistress Tara says. "I could just bang you and be done with it, but I'll let you climax with me. In fact, I'm going to force you to cum while I fuck you. Your dick likes what I'm doing to it."

You moan into the gag. In spite of you being tied up and made into a helpless fuck slave, Mistress Tara's hand is getting you hot. Her fingertips tease the sensitive head of your cock, and with her other hand, she rakes her nails across your tightening balls. She seems to be getting turned on as well, as she begins moaning loudly. Her thrusting increases in pace and her hand moves faster up and down your shaft.

"Oh!" she gasps. You can feel her body, pressed against yours, shudder. "I'm cumming! Empty your balls, slave." Her dirty talk and teasing hands send you over the edge. You feel your hips buck as your rod begins to squirt. You fire what feels like a massive load out of your balls. You can feel it land on your belly and chest. Mistress Tara purrs softly.

"Well done," she says. "Would you like me to release you, or would you prefer to stay a while and rest?"

Health Horny Location:


MP 0
Level 4
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