"Please, fuck me some more."

From Create Your Own Story

"Okay, you asked for it," Wendy says. She slides back onto you and starts moving up and down on your cock again. She reaches down and pulls your head up. "Be a good boy and suck on my tits," she moans.

She pulls your head into her chest. You open your mouth and find a nipple. "Oh, yes," Wendy moans. "Just... like... that..."

Her voice seems to be getting fainter. You realize she's smothering you with her chest. "Mmmm... good boy..." she whispers.

You slide into unconsciousness.

When you wake up, you realize you're no longer in the tent. You try to lift your head to look around you, only to find you have a yoke around your neck. You try to move your limbs and discover that you're completely immobilized.

"Padded handcuffs, baby," says Wendy, as she climbs onto your stiff rod. "You can only move your hips, to thrust into me. And I've untied your balls, because this time I want you to fill me. You're in my special play room."

Her bouncing up and down on your cock drives out other considerations. She establishes a fast rhythm and you thrust upward in synch with her bouncing. Her legs tighten up as she approaches climax, and you can feel your load building in your balls.

"Oh, yes!" she cries. "Fill me up!"

Her body quivers with the force of her climax, and she floods you with her juices. You can't hold back and fill her with your cum.

She purrs. "That was great, babe," she whispers seductively. "Want to stay and play for a while? I'd like you to tie me up again."

Health Horny Location:

Wendy's House

MP 0
Level 2
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