"Please, I want you to fuck me daddy!"

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The daddy bear laughs. "Good boy - that ass is for daddy!" He pulls his dick away from your eager lips, and steps down from the podium in front of the stocks, moving behind you.

"Go ahead and take his mouth, buddy," you hear him say, and you jolt in surprise. A moment later, someone steps up onto the podium again. You can't angle your head up - all you can see is a man's crotch and stomach - jeans and an army-camo t-shirt - and then his hands start to undo his zipper. You're about to protest, but then the daddy's beard is at your ass, the roughness of it a contrast to the hot tongue he shoves into your pucker. You're soon writhing and gasping, pushing your ass against his bearded face while he jabs his tongue at your entrance.

In front of you, the stranger pushes his dick into your mouth. You swallow his cock eagerly, so turned on by the daddy's tongue and beard working your hole and he fills your throat with his meat. You gag a little, but work the stranger's shaft with your tongue.

"Fuck yeah," the man growls.

Behind you, the daddy pulls away form your ass for a moment. You whimper around the stranger's cock, and shove your ass back at him.

"Cocksucking makes you want to get fucked, eh boy?" the daddy chuckles. He spits into your hole a few times, and then uses one rough finger to push his spit in, slicking you up. You moan at the feel of his finger inside you.

"Gonna fuck you, boy," he growls, and shifts behind you. He rubs spit into your pucker a few more times, and then grips at your waist. Your hands curl into impotent fists in the stocks, and the daddy chuckles behind you.

"Yeah," the man fucking your face says. "Fuck him."

The heat of the cockhead pressing at your ass makes you wince, but your cock throbs. You're about to get fucked by the older bear while a complete stranger - a man you've never even seen! - fills your throat with his cock. And you've never been so turned on. The stranger's dick starts to thrust into your mouth with deeper and rougher thrusts, and you choke and gag on his meat, ropes of saliva dripping down his shaft and off your chin.

Behind you, the daddy's rough hands take your waist, and then the older bear pushes his dick into your spit-slicked hole. He starts slow, and you moan around the stranger's thrusting cock as the older stud behind you slides himself inside your ass. You push back against him, eager to be full at both ends, and feeling hornier and sluttier than you've ever felt in your life.

"Yeah, boy likes his dick, don't he?" the daddy growls, and grips your waist painfully tight. You alternately gag and suck, slurping the stranger's hard cock and moaning deep in your chest. The daddy bear behind you starts to pound you in earnest, picking up his pace faster than you expected, and soon the dicks assaulting your mouth and ass are in a rough synchronization, both men shoving into you at the same time, pressing you between their dicks and filling you with their hard meat. Your ass begins to burn with a mix of abuse and pleasure, and the stranger's hands drop to grip your hair tightly.

With a loud "Fuck!" the man fucking your face comes, and he shoves his dick deep into your mouth, holding your face on his meat as he unloads two large surges of spunk into your throat. You gag and swallow and cough around his cock, and some of his spunk dribbles down your chin. Behind you, the daddy's hands tighten, and with a low grunt, the older man fucking you blows his load deep in your guts. He rams home extra hard as he unloads, and then holds his position for a few seconds, breathing heavily, before he pulls out. You feel his sperm leak out of your hole and down your thigh.

The stranger in front of you steps away, and you gasp for breath. To your surprise, the daddy steps back up onto the podium, and sticks his half-hard dick - slick with spunk and spit - against your lips. He slaps his cock against your face. "Lick it clean, boy, lick it clean..."

You oblige, licking the remnants of spit and cum from his dick.

"Yeah," the older man says in a gravelly voice. "Get daddy hard again, get you ready for another load. Daddy wants to see you full of cum, boy..." Then he raises his voice. "Don't be shy," he says, over your shoulder. "Gonna keep fucking this boy full till he comes."

You try to look up at the older man, shocked, but instead he pushes his dick back into your mouth. He's already half-hard again. Behind you, a second pair of hands take your waist, and a hard dick presses against your spermy pucker.

You have no idea if you can come without touching yourself - with your hands locked in the stocks, it could take hours for you to have an orgasm! You try and say so, but with your mouth full of the daddy's already hardening cock again, it comes out only as a moan. The older man laughs, and behind you, an anonymous cock slides into your slick hole.

Soon two cocks are pounding you again, and you writhe, spit-roasted and locked in the stocks, feeling your own dick remain rock hard and wondering how long it will be before you come.

Definitely a birthday you're not going to forget!

(The End - please send feedback to [email protected])

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