"Okay. I'd like a ride... home."

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He steps right up to you, his face close to yours, looking down at you. "Follow me."

You follow, leaving the Italian delivery man behind with a little wave. He waves back, amused.

The two of you walk through the main bar to the front door, passing by the bear at the table, who gives you a rueful smile, and the daddy bear in the hallway, who stares at you with an intensity that makes you shiver. You reach the bouncer, who seems surprised to see you so soon.

"Leaving so soon, birthday boy?" he says, with a wicked smile. You blush.

"It's your birthday?" the delivery man asks you.

"Yeah." You nod, feeling your face heat up.

The gray haired man puts a firm hand on your shoulder, and leads you out the door of the bar, into the parking lot.

He walks you to the far edge of the parking lot where two brown delivery vans are parked. He unlocks the driver's side door of the closest van, and you notice there's no passenger seat. But there's a narrow opening into the rear of the van. He gestures. You climb in, and stand where the passenger seat would be, waiting. He climbs into the van, and sits in the driver's seat. He looks at you.

"So how old are you, birthday boy?" he asks.

You tell him.

He whistles. "Damn, boy, I'm old enough to be your father. Or fuck, I could even be your fucking grandfather," he rubs his trim goatee. "I guess that makes me a dirty old man."

Your blush intensifies, and he laughs.

"You like dirty old men, eh?" he says, and he reaches out with one hand, stroking the front of your jeans. Your dick is hard, and he gives it a squeeze.

"Yeah," you say, pushing your crotch into his hand. "I like a dirty daddy."

He rises and shoves you, half-pushing you and half-dragging you into the back of his truck, growling.

"What sort of boy wants daddy dick?" he says, voice dark with arousal. "Fucking nasty boy, that's who!" He pushes you onto your stomach, and then takes your shirt and tugs it half over your head, leaving it on your arms, but rolling the fabric over so it covers your face. Then he gives your ass another rough slap. You yelp, slightly muffled by the shirt, and he snarls.

"Shut up, cunt," he says, and he shifts around in the back of the truck for a moment. A second later, a cool liquid splashes between the cheeks of your ass, and you hear the man's zipper. You crane your head, wanting to look, but can't quite untangle yourself from the way he's wrapped your shirt over your head, and the point becomes moot when the full weight of him presses against your back. His hand wraps around your mouth, pressing the cloth of the shirt into your mouth.

He shifts, and his hard dick presses between your ass cheeks.

"Dirty fucking boy," he growls into your ear. "Begging daddy to fuck you, aren't you?"

"Yes!" your voice is muffled by his fingers.

He rams himself into you. You yell into his hand, and he shifts his weight from one side to the other between thrusts, causing his long hard dick to ram at you at different angles. Your ass, already a little hot from the spanking, soon heats up further, as he uses his free hand to continue to slap your ass while he rams his daddy dick deep in your hole.

After a while, he yanks at your shirt, freeing your face, and letting go of your mouth. You gasp and curse, pushing back onto his relentless dick. You turn to look back at him, and see that he undid his brown polyester shirt as well as tugging his brown pants down low, and sweat has gathered across his smooth muscular chest.

"That what you want, boy?" he growls. "You want daddy's cock?"

"Yes!" you beg him. "Fuck me, daddy!"

He laughs, and takes your waist in his hands, rolling you onto your side, twisting his dick inside you and making you see stars. Then he pulls one of your legs against his muscular chest. The angle the gray haired man's cock is entering you strikes you inside in places you've never felt a cock before, and it's incredible.

"Take it," the man says and starts fucking your hole even rougher, pulling your leg against his muscular chest with every thrust. After what seems like ages, the gray haired man come next, blowing his wad deep in your ass, and letting out a deep growl as he grips your thigh so tightly you think you'll be bruised. He pushes in deep as his cock spasms, and then slowly pulls himself out, rolling you onto your back once his cock comes free. You jerk your own cock furiously, spraying your load across your stomach.

"You learned your lesson?" he asks, in his deep daddy voice.

You nod.

"I'll drive you home," he says. You thank him. You all slide back into your clothes, much slower than you got out of them.

You stand in the opening holding onto a leather strap while the gray haired man drives you home, and crawl into bed with a very satisfied smile on your face.

Happy birthday, indeed.

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