"My place. Get your friend to come."

From Create Your Own Story

After giving the blonde a little more encouragement with your fingers, the two of you manage to get on your feet. The blonde, named Janet, quickly moves to her friend and whispers frantically into her ear. The two blondes look back at you hesitantly, but you give them both a reassuring wink, suggestively licking your lips.

Janet places her hand around the waist of her friend and quickly leads her over to you. Introducing herself as Katie, the second blonde briefly embraces you, pressing her nipples against your own and playfully giving your ass a squeeze. The three of you make a quick retreat from the beach, looking back at the two hunks to tease them. Both men clearly have rock-hard erections pushing at their swim trunks.

As Kate and Janet playfully feel each other up to the excitement of the boys, you say:

Health Horny and Hormonal Location:

The Beach

MP 0
Level 1
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