"My God," you say, "this isn't the robots' doing. It's yours!"

From Create Your Own Story

The mayor scowls and draws her raygun. "You know too much! Now you die! Nothing can stop my glorious new Metal Age!" she says, pointing the raygun at you. You draw your laser baton and side-step her raygun-blast. Kneeling below another shot from her raygun, you blast her raygun away with your laser baton and then send another two shots into her head.

Men and women dressed in skintight, brightly-colored outfits step forward. Some are wearing weird silvery headbands. Others have green skin. "What have you done?" they ask. You explain about the robot wars and how the mayor was going to kill them all. None of them really believe you and the police arrest you, confiscating your materials. You're thrown naked into a plastic prison cell. The walls are glowing white. It's a little odd.


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