"Modify" your wet shirt and walk out in it

From Create Your Own Story

You remember all those wet t-shirt competitions you've watched in the past, and decide to modify your shirt so it looks like it was worn for one.

You have nothing to cut your shirt with. However, this bathroom is rather dumpy, and you can see a few corners that look sharp enough to aid you.

You take your shirt to one of the corners, and get to work. You tear the sleeves and collar off. You then estimate where your chest sits in it, and tear the bottom half off it. You finish by making a tear from where the collar was down to about three-quarters of an inch from the new bottom of your shirt, and then removing about an inch-and-a-half of material to either side of it.

You re-wet the shirt and put it on, admiring your handiwork in the mirror. Your shirt now has inch-wide shoulder straps, and its bottom is just below the bottoms of your breasts. The three inch-wide tear down the center shows off your cleavage to good effect. Even better, your nipples are just barely under the fabric. You could easily stage some "accidental" nipple slips.

You grin and head back onto the bar floor, relishing the whistles and cat-calls as people spot you.

Do you:

Health Horny & Female & Buzzed Location:

A Cheap Bar

MP 0
Level 5
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