"Missy, you ride me while I eat Callie."

From Create Your Own Story

"Sounds good," both girls say in unison.

Missy slides herself down onto your pole, while Callie lowers her slit onto your tongue. You lick as much of Callie's nectar up as you can, making her squirm.

Missy bounces on top of you hard and fast, knowing your plumbing is choked off and you can't cum too soon. It seems like she's climaxing within moments.

Callie shudders as you find her clit with your tongue. "Oooooh!" she squeals. "Oh, my! Don't stop..."

Missy isn't satisfied with just one orgasm. She continues to slide up and down, moving even faster. She floods you with her juices again, but doesn't even slow down.

Callie moans as you slide your tongue into her. You swirl it around inside her box, trying to taste as much of her juice as you can.

Missy is bucking up and down in a total frenzy now. It seems like her orgasms have merged into one continuous surge of pleasure. "Ready to fill me up, stud?" she gasps out.

You try to answer, but your voice is muffled. Callie's legs are locked around your head as she floods your face with her nectar. Callie's quivering body spasms violently and she collapses onto you, her head ending up almost touching your hip and about a centimeter from Missy's pistoning body.

You feel a pressure being released from around your shaft. Missy must have untied the cord. In seconds, you fire a massive load into her.

When everyone finally untangles, the girls are lying next to your still-restrained body, flanking you. "Wow!" Missy moans. "That was incredible."

Callie smiles. "Great choice, Missy. You brought home a winner this time!"

"Thank you for the kind words," you manage to say. "I like both of you a lot, too, and I think that..."

Health Horny Location:

Missy's Dungeon

MP 0
Level 4
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