"Me, clothed, eating your pussy."

From Create Your Own Story

"Very interesting," Madame Emalia replies. "And why would you do this for me?"

"Because you are incredibly sexy," you respond as you hand back the crystal ball.

Madame Emalia replaces it on its stand, then moves it off the table. She slowly removes her clothes, then lies down on the table with her legs spread.

You kiss your way up one of her marvelous legs, then make your vision come true by tonguing her delightful pussy. She moans softly and wraps her legs around your head.

You caress her as you work your tongue. Her body quivers with excitement.

You search with a fingertip for her clit, find it, and very softly tease it. That causes her to flood your mouth with her nectar.

You gulp down as much of it as you can. She unlocks her legs from around your head and gives you a smile.

Health Horny Location:

The Fortune Teller's Tent

MP 0
Level 4
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