"Let me suck that for you, stud."

From Create Your Own Story

You move over and drop your face into the Italian's lap, and swallow his thick dick.

"Oh yeah," the Italian growls.

You suck him, looking up, enjoying looking at his hairy body. He rubs his hand across his sweaty hairy chest with one hand, fingering a nipple, and his other hand rests on the back of your head.

"Yeah, suck that dick," the Italian says. He's soon moaning and writhing under your attention. You roll his hairy balls in one hand, and lick and slurp at his shaft, remembering how hot it was having him watch you while the Coach fucked your ass.

"Fuck yeah," the Italian grunts, and pushes your head hard onto his cock. His meat erupts three times and you barely manage to swallow each pulse of spunk before the next one comes. You gag a little, but he holds you down on his dick until you swallow the last drop.

"Thanks," the Italian says, slapping his dick on your face. Cum spatters on your lips. You sag on your hands and knees, thoroughly fucked and mouth thick with the taste of cum.

"Time to hit the showers," the hairy man grins. "I'll give you a lift home."

You nod, rising shakily.

Definitely a birthday to remember, you think, and pick up your towel.

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