"Let me pleasure you with my tongue."

From Create Your Own Story

"Always better than a chunk of plastic," Carol says. "I haven't had flesh-to-flesh contact in months."

She positions herself on top of you and lowers her slit to your waiting mouth. You slide your tongue gently over her lower lips, using an ophidian-type motion. Carol squeals is surprise. "Where... ah!... did you... mmmmm!... learn that?" she moans.

Her juices begin leaking out of her box, and you lick up as much of her honey as you can. "Don't... ever... stop," purrs Carol's voice.

You slide a finger along her dripping slit to lube up, then circle her clit with the tip. Her body begins to quiver. "Ooooh... yes... OH!" Carol gasps.

You have another trick up your sleeve. You put your tongue where you just had your finger and slide your lubed digit into her snatch, feeling around inside her. Suddenly you find what you're looking for, and Carol's entire body is wracked with violent spasms as she clamps her pussy around you. For at least a minute, she floods you with sweet honey.

When she finally recovers, Carol slides off you and lies next to you, running her hand gently over your chest. "OK, what the hell was that?" she moans. "I've never had an orgasm like that, EVER, and I've been having sex since probably about as long as you've been alive. How did you do it?"

"It's called a G-spot," you reply. "It's the most powerful erotic button to push on a woman. I'm glad you enjoyed it."

Carol looks at Lita, who's been sitting and watching with a smile on her face. "Hope you enjoyed him, girlfriend," Carol says, "because now he's mine. I'm taking him home with me and keeping him."

You say...

Health Horny Location:

Lita's House

MP 0
Level 5
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