"Let me give you the best fucking you've ever had."

From Create Your Own Story

"You better deliver on that," Tanya says, stripping down and climbing into bed with you.

You pull her body against yours, sliding your hands down her flanks. Your lips move down from her neck to her pert breasts, and you circle her nipples with your tongue. Tanya moans and locks your head against her with her arms. "Don't... stop..." she whispers.

Your fingers move to her legs, then her inner thighs. She opens up and your fingertips begin sliding up and down her slit. You can feel her getting wet.

"I'm ready," she moans. "Take me."

You lay her down on the bed and spread her legs wide apart. You tease her with the head of your dick, sliding it against her sopping pussy lips, before you plunge in deep.

"Oh, my!" she gasps.

You start sliding in and out, slowly at first. Her hips move in tandem with your thrusts as you intensify the rhythm, slamming her deep and herd. She reaches up and pulls your body down against hers as she rakes her nails down your back. "Yes! Oh... keep going... YES!" she squeals. "I'm cumming!"

She locks her legs around your hips and squeezes hard as she floods you. You feel like she's going to cut you in half. You can't hold back as she milks you dry, pulling shot after shot of spunk out of your rod.

You collapse on top of her. "Wow," you say. "That was amazing."

Tanya smiles. "You certainly kept your part of the bargain."

You wonder what to do next...

Health Horny Location:

Your Apartment

MP 0
Level 1
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