"Let's give him a show before we go, shall we?"

From Create Your Own Story

You lead the daddy delivery man to the shower two to the left of where the blond boy is getting himself very soapy, and he glances at you both. You turn on the nozzle, and then press yourself to the the gray haired man's chest, letting the water get you both wet. He grins at you, and you feel his cock harden against your stomach. You slowly slide down him, licking at his hard chest and his nipples, and he lifts his arms over his head and flexes a little, so you take a moment to lick at his arm pit as well.

The blond is watching you, and you wink at him, sliding further down the older man's body, until you're kneeling in front of the man's hard cock. You take it into your mouth while the hot water sprays down on you from above, and start sucking him. You look up, and see that the gray haired man's pale blue eyes are turned to the side, where he's watching the blond enjoy the show. The blond, you notice, is jerking himself openly, watching the two of you. You reach your hand up and run your fingers down the older man's chest and stomach, and then slide back up him, letting his hard dick come free from your mouth.

You turn his head back to you and kiss him, rubbing your wet body along his, and then turn around to face the shower's spray, letting the water pour down your back and run between your ass cheeks.

The older man pushes his cock into your ass, reaching around you and taking your cock in one hand while you brace yourself against the tiled wall. You love having this older man inside you, and you tell him so.

"God that feels good," you moan.

The older man chuckles, and starts to fuck you in the shower. You turn your head and watch the blond jerk himself while the gray haired man fucks you under the hot spray of water. The older man grows more frantic in his thrusts, jerking your cock as his dick slams into you, and the blond jerks faster, keeping pace with you both. When the gray haired man grunts and fills your ass with his seed, you gasp, and a few moments later your own dick erupts, spraying cum onto the wet tiled floor of the showers. The blond follows a moment later, his own seed mixing with the water as it heads to the drain.

The gray haired man pulls out of you, and the blond quickly rinses himself off, then goes for his towel, leaving the room. You two take longer, using some soap and cleaning up. When you're done, you head back to the locker room - you can't help but glance into room number four, where someone suspiciously blond and lean seems to be struggling to eat the giant man's cock - and get dressed.

The older man smiles at you as you zip up your pants, and gives your ass a smack.

"I'll give you a lift home," he says. The two of you head back to his truck.

You stand in the opening holding onto a leather strap while the gray haired man drives you home, and crawl into bed with a very satisfied smile on your face.

Happy birthday, indeed.

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