"Len, I'd like to go home now."

From Create Your Own Story

"Sorry, guy," Len says, and pulls his jeans off the branch.

"Damn," the trucker says, but he keeps watching you while you grab your clothes. You tug your own clothes down, and get dressed, your hard dick tight in your jeans and t-shirt.

You and Len walk back to Len's truck - you see there's a rig in the parking lot now, and another one pulls in as you get into Len's pickup.

"Looks like the place is gonna happen tonight after all," Len says, and then pulls out of the parking lot. He drives you home, and says he'll be back the next day with a bud to seed you again. As you get out, he makes a cryptic comment about being your "giftgiver" and not finding too many pretty twinkboys looking to take dirty cum.

You collapse into your bed, finally dealing with your hard-on by jerking off at the memory of getting fucked against the tree.

All in all, a good birthday, you think...

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