"In my fantasies, I bent over and you fucked me hard, Coach."

From Create Your Own Story

"Yeah?" he says, and gives you that crooked grin again.

He rises, and climbs down from the third bench to the second, letting his towel fall, and then to the first bench, where his hands take your naked ass.

"Oh God," you moan, and press your hands against the bench above you, bracing yourself.

"Like this?" the coach says, rubbing his hard cock between your ass cheeks. You're both so slick with sweat, and your ass still has some lube and cum from before, that you press back against him, desperate.

"Like that," you say.

He laughs, and pushes his cock into you, inching his cock into you until his balls and stomach press against you. "Nice," he says, in a ragged voice. "And you want it hard, eh?"

"Yes," you manage.

"Fuck him like a whore," the Italian suggests, and you turn you head to look at him. The hairy stud strokes his dick and winks at you.

The coach obliges. With a grunt, he starts to fuck you, throwing his weight and muscle behind every thrust. You push back against him, getting his cock as far into your hole as you can, and gasping and yelping at his onslaught. In the steam-filled room, your bodies are slick and wet, and his cock feels like fire in your ass. He grips your waist tight, and thrusts harder and harder, grunting with every thrust.

It doesn't take long at that pace for the coach to growl, "fuck!" His cock surges three times inside you, breeding your hole with his sperm. You feel your own cock erupt, without even touching yourself, at the intensity of what is happening - the coach is fucking you! The coach!

He pulls out after he cums, and you feel his spunk slick down the side of your thigh. He slaps your ass.

"Thanks, boy."

"No, thank you, coach," you say, slowly sinking to the bench.

He climbs past you and gets his towel, which he wipes his dick with, then wraps around his waist. "Thanks for the loaner," he says to the hairy Italian.

"My pleasure," the Italian smirks. You look at him and see he's rock hard, dick in hand. The coach steps out through the mostly silent door, leaving the you and the Italian delivery man alone.

You're feeling thoroughly fucked - your ass aches - but the reality of what just happened hits you and your dick stirs. You just got fucked by the coach and this hairy stud watched... Holy crap!

"Now what am I gonna do about this?" the Italian asks, slapping his hard cock thickly against the palm of one hand.

You say...

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