"I want you to make me cum."

From Create Your Own Story

He doesn't waste a moment. He's suddenly on top of you, slipping his fingers into your tight pussy. You lie back as he works your body. You totally let yourself go as he sucks on your nipples and rocks his hand against your clit. You know that you're shaking. Your vision goes blurry as your eyes roll back into your head. He leans down, sucks on your clit, all the while finger fucking you. You can barely manage a breath.

You let out a loud moan. "Jacob," you say, letting his name linger as a call of satisfaction and as a thank you for the pleasure he is giving your body. You don't think it can get any better as he spits on your clit and it mixes with your juices. You're so wet. You need him so badly. He slips another finger in, filling you up and taking you almost to the edge.

You try not to cum, try to hold back, and then he looks at you and commands you. "Come for me, babe."

You can't take it. Your body starts shaking and it's like electricity is coming from him into you. You lose control, your pussy spasming around his hand, reaching out to touch him as your vision goes black and your ears ring like bells.

You open your eyes. He's looking at you with a grin. How long has it been? You realize that you blacked out for a minute, the sheer pleasure too much for you to take. You're in a fog. There's nothing in the world but you and him and the orgasm he just gave to you.

Health Horny and Hormonal Location:

Your Apartment

MP 0
Level 1
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