"I want you inside of me."

From Create Your Own Story

He smiles, and pushes you backwards onto the bed. You can feel how wet you are as he pulls his boxers down, exposing his thick, long dick. You slide down towards him, and in an instant, his cock is teasing your pussy. You slide further, begging with your body for him to take you. He looks into your eyes and sees how badly you need him, and obliges. As he enters you, you can feel him stretching you to the breaking point. He groans as he thrusts deeper, your pussy spasming around him, trying to pull him in even further. The head of his cock almost splits you in two, and you reach down and start touching your clit to let yourself relax enough for him to be able to fit.

He takes it slow at first, with every thrust he pulls you with him as your pussy grips onto him. He puts his hand on your hips, holding you down onto the bed as he lets his instincts take over. You throw your head back, grinding your body against his and getting fucked so perfectly that you almost scream. He reaches behind you, slips a finger into your ass, and this time you can't help it- you scream his name, your body begins to shake and you can feel a powerful orgasm building up.

He's close - you can tell by the look in his eyes, you're begging for his hot seed inside of you. He reaches up, and grasps your throat. It's too much. You feel your pussy tighten around him, you can feel your juices squirting and at the same moment he tightens on your throat reflexively. You can feel his shaft twitching and thick ropes of hot cum coat your insides.

You both collapse, his body warm and protective on yours.

Health Horny and Hormonal Location:

Your Apartment

MP 0
Level 1
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