"I want you both to come back to my place."

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The three of you leave the bar, the bouncer locking the place down, and then you get into Mike's car and give him directions, while the bouncer follows in his own car. The bartender drives you to your place, and you watch his arms on the steering wheel, enjoying the way the muscles move as he steers. Once you park, and the bouncer arrives, you lead them into your building, and the moment you're through the front door, they press you between them, kissing and stroking and tugging at your clothes. Your shirt is tugged off by Mike, and from behind, the bouncer undoes your belt and jeans, and you step out of them, and your underwear, before you've even half-way to your bedroom.

Your hands grip Mike's shirt, and the bartender smiles as you yank the fabric over his head, revealing his muscular chest and chiseled abs. He's smooth, and hard to the touch, and you rub your hands up and down his chest before hooking your fingers into his jeans and undoing his zipper. He steps out of his jeans, once again revealing his long uncut cock, which pops up, hard.

The bouncer's thick arms wrap around you suddenly and lift you bodily off the ground.

"Bedroom?" he asks.

"That way," you say, gesturing awkwardly with one pinned arm.

The bouncer carries you in there, and Mike crawls onto the bed, spreading his legs, and putting one arm behind his head and flexing his bicep. He grips his dick with his other hand. The bouncer tosses you onto the bed, where you bounce onto your back, and laugh. You turn to look at him, and he pulls his black STAFF shirt over his head, revealing a muscular chest covered with dark curly hairs, and then undoes his belt with a flick of his wrist.

He steps out of his pants, his boxers tenting out in front of him, and then tugs them down as well. His dick is massive, easily the biggest you've seen. It's thick, veiny, and cut, with a round bulbous head already a dark purple.

"Come here," Mike says, and grabs your head, rolling you over and tugging your mouth to his dick. You swallow him for the second time tonight, and he lets out a long ragged breath. "That's better," he says.

Rough hands take your waist, and move, feeling the bouncer position you with your ass in the air on your knees. You put your hands on Mike's thighs, feeling the thick muscles of his legs and start bobbing your head up and down on his cock in earnest. He grips your hair in one hand, pushing you down onto the base of his cock.

The bouncer's hands move to your ass cheeks, and he spreads your ass, then buries his tongue in your hole. The sensation of his rough stubble against your ass is incredible, and you start sucking the bartender with abandon, desperately horny. Mike takes your hands and slides them up his chest, moving your fingers to his nipples, which you start to twist and pinch while you suck his cock. The bouncer slurps and licks at your hole, and you push back against his face, moaning and writhing.

He comes up for air, and pushes a finger into your hole with a rough shove. You gasp, Mike's cock coming free from your mouth.

"Ready to get fucked, boy?" the bouncer asks you.

"Yes!" you hiss, pushing your ass back on his finger. He twists it inside you, and you moan.

"Hey," Mike says, giving your face a light slap, and shoving his dick back in your mouth. "Who told you to stop?"

You swallow his cock again, and feel the bouncer grip your waist, the hot head of his cock pressing at your hole. He rams himself inside you with a mean thrust that makes you moan around Mike's dick. You've never had a cock that size inside of you before, and you see stars, your legs shaking with the effort of taking the bouncer's cock inside your ass. Without pausing, he starts ramming your ass, shoving his length in and nearly out of your hole with every rough thrust. Your face is pressed further and further into Mike's crotch, and the bartender's dick is soon slick with your spit.

Mike grips your hair tightly, and says, "Yeah, suck it. Suck it."

"Tight fucking ass," the bouncer growls, gripping your waist tight enough to hurt. "Fucking tight. You gotta fuck this ass." He slaps your ass cheek hard, and pulls out with a jerk, making you yelp.

Mike tugs his dick from your mouth, and climbs around behind you. It's all you can do to hold yourself on your hands and knees as Mike pushes his long dick up your battered ass. He lets out a long breath. "Fuck, no kidding..."

The bouncer moves to sit in front of you, spreading his hairy thighs and pushing his massive swollen cock at your face. You open your mouth and try to take his girth. He pushes himself into your mouth, and you gag on the size of him, but he grabs the back of your head and pushes his cock into your throat.

Mike rams your ass for a while, and then they trade again. And again. You grip the sheets in your hands and the three of you are slick with sweat from the fucking. Finally, Mike pulls out of your ass and says, "sit on his dick."

The bouncer grins, and slides further down the bed, aiming his massive dick high. You crouch over him, and lower your twitching, battered hole onto his thick shaft, feeling it press inside you deeper than before. Your thighs shake, and you have to lean forward, putting your hands on his hairy chest, gasping in little bursts of breath. He grins, reaching up to you, and slides his thumb into your mouth. You suck his thumb, finally feeling his hairy balls against your own. You feel positively speared on his cock.

Mike pushes you forward, and the bouncer wraps his arms around your back, pulling you against his hairy chest. The bouncer slides one hand up to the back of your head and pushes your face down into the sweaty hollow between his pecs.

"Do it," the bouncer growls. You're not sure what he means, but then you feel Mike's cock pressing against your stretched hole, trying to push its way into your ass alongside the bouncer's massive cock. You yell into the bouncer's chest, and he presses hard on the back of your head. Mike shoves forward with his muscular thighs, and you feel his cock force itself up your battered chute.

They rock you back and forth on their cocks, two dicks buried deep in your ass, and you gasp and moan and yelp. Mike's arms appear beside your head, biceps slick with sweat, and you feel him press against your back, fucking you with quick, piston-like thrusts that rub intensely alongside the bouncer's veiny meat.

Mike grunts, and you feel his come burst from his cock, deep in your hole, a soothing heat in your beaten ass. A moment later, and the bouncer yells "Fuck!" and his own spunk erupts from his massive cock, spraying deep. The sensation is too much, and you feel your own dick spasm against the bouncer's hairy stomach, jetting your own cum between the two of you.

They pull out of your ass slowly, cum leaking down your thighs onto your bed, and you roll between them. All three of you are panting and sweat soaked.

The bouncer tugs a sheet over the three of you, and reaches over to turn out the light beside your bed.

"First thing in the morning," he says, voice gravelly, "you suck us off. Got it?"

You can only nod, exhausted, ass aching.

Best birthday ever.

(The End - please send feedback to [email protected])

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