"I want to swallow!"

From Create Your Own Story

You let Len’s dick come free from your mouth just long enough to let him know you’re a swallower. He smiles down at you, takes your head in both gloved hands, and then pushes his dick hard into your mouth.

“Here you go, fuckboy,” he says, and starts to facefuck you, his curved dick filling your mouth and making you gag just a bit on every thrust. Your hands grip his thighs and you hold on as the taste of the big man’s precome grows stronger on your tongue.

You roll your tongue around his shaft, and slurp desperately. On your knees in front of this big, burly man feels just like where you were born to be.

“Yeah, that’s right cocksucker…” Len’s voice is lower now, and you can tell he’s getting close. “Suck it.”

You moan around his dick, and he grips your head tighter, shoving his dick so hard into your throat that you nearly tip over backwards. The flood of spunk that fills your mouth is hot, salty, and thick, and you swallow greedily once, twice, and then a third time – and still some of the cum leaks out around the big man’s cock and drips off your chin.

You lick and suck on his cock as it softens, rubbing your tongue and catching every last drop you can get.

“Damn, you are an eager little cum puppy, aren’tcha?” Len says when you finally rest on your haunches. You lick your lips, red-faced with a mix of embarrassment and slutty pride.

Len pulls out a cigarette and a lighter. The man looks very satisfied. You grin.

Definitely a birthday you’re not going to forget.

(The End - please send feedback to [email protected])

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