"I want to be your totally helpless bitch, sir!"

From Create Your Own Story

Dean laughs, and puts the ball gag into your mouth, tying the straps behind your head. He pushes at your shoulders, bending you over the bench and then kneels behind you, tying your ankles into the straps. He walks around to the front, and tugs your hands down, tying them to either loop at the front, and you shiver as his gloved hands stroke your shoulders, back, and ass possessively.

"Nice," he says, his voice loud and nearly a growl above you. One leather-clad finger rubs against your hole, and you push back against him. He chuckles. "Eager."

You realize with the gag that you can't say anything coherent to him. You moan, your ass in the air, and your cock pressed against the leather of the bench.

He reaches past you to the shelf and picks up a small black rubber dildo, though it's quickly out of your line of sight. You stare at the floor while you feel him rub some lube into your pucker. He uses the small rubber dildo on your hole for a while, until you're gasping a bit around the ball-gag, and pushing your ass against his short thrusts with the dildo.

He then changes it up with a thicker model, and then a larger model, and soon, while sweat drips off your shoulders and forehead and you're breathing in little bursts through your gag, the leather man is using the largest dildo you've ever had inside you, shoving it in and out with little thrusts that make you yelp around the ball-gag and sending jolts through your body. You get rock hard against the padded bench, and he pulls out the giant dildo, much to your chagrin, but he slides in a different toy, one made of hard plastic and shaped more like a real cock. Then he flips a switch on the base, and it begins vibrating.

The sensation makes you moan, long and hard, and he takes your balls in one gloved hand and squeezes them. You nearly cry into the gag, desperate for release.

Dean smiles. "You like being helpless so far?" he asks.

You nod, sweat dripping from your hair.

"I got at least a dozen more things I'm going to do to that ass," he says, "before I fuck you."

You groan around the gag, and your whole body shivers. He laughs, and tugs out the vibrator, making you moan again.

"Let's see if you can take my whole fucking hand, bitch," he says, and your eyes go wide.

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