"I want to be your bitch."

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With an evil smile, Ms. Pierce pulls you by the hair to your feet, grabs your right leg and puts it up on her desk. She gently tickles down your pussy, then to your sore ass, and works a finger into you. Before long she adds another finger, then another, and finger fucks you with three fingers. It hurts but you're incredibly aroused now. With her spare hand, she pinches and twists your left nipple.

"I'm just getting you ready. Don't cum yet, you little late bitch," she says nastily.

You try to think of something unsexy to keep yourself from cumming. Picturing former British leader Margaret Thatcher naked and strapping on a dildo does the trick, and you manage to restrain yourself.

Ms. Pierce removes her hands from your body and gestures for you to lie down on the desk. You do so, mashing your breasts against the unforgiving wood and she promptly adjusts your body so that your butt is at the very edge of the desk before she pulls your arms backwards and manacles your wrists. The manacles are part of the desk. She lowers chains from the ceiling and spreads your legs before attaching the chains. You are well and truly helpless.

"Good," Ms. Pierce says. "Now for phase two." She replaces her riding device with a regular strap-on with a clitoral stimulator. Ms. Pierce smiles as she removes all her clothes and walks around to where you lie trussed. Looking at her naked body makes you even more turned on than before.

"You like what you see, pet?" Ms. Pierce says with a mean smile. "I'm going to fuck you my way." She slides her strap-on into your pussy and begins thrusting in and out. The clitoral stimulator rubs against her button with each thrust, and soon she's screaming with pleasure.

After she goes through a few orgasms, she leans forward and wraps her arms around your neck, locking you in a tight chokehold. "I'm going to make you cum while choking you," she purrs. "You're a good toy." She strokes your cheek soothingly while tightening her hold on your throat. Your pupils have just about completely disappeared to the back of your skull when with a final pelvic thrust Ms. Pierce releases your throat leaving you gasping for air and orgasming violently.

"Mmmmmm," Ms. Pierce sighs, removing her strap-on. "That was a good session." She removes the manacles from your body. You take a moment to recover from the experience. Staring at Ms. Pierce's still-naked body is causing arousal to rise yet again.

"Well done, slut, now get cleaning. And don't forget the floor, I want your tongue on it too. Can't leave all those juices there." She points to the floor at a puddle of your combined juices.

Do you:

Health Horny & Hormonal Location:

Ms. Pierce's Office

MP 0
Level 1
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