"I refuse to answer such an inappropriate question."

From Create Your Own Story

"Oh come on," Jenny says as she slaps the water. "You were being inappropriate by fucking these two on the beach! And you won't answer the question! That's ridiculous!"

"Mom!" Lisa interjects.

"Jenny!" Daphne says along with Lisa.

Jenny looks at them and sees their gaze.

"Let it go," Daphne says.

"I can't," Jenny replies as she turns to you. "How can I just let go of that? Of watching my daughter being violated out in public like that! I can't let it go!"

Jenny stands up, clearly having riled herself more and more as she spoke. Daphne stands up as well and steps over to Jenny.

"I think you should go," Daphne says. "It's clearly too hard for you to be around him right now."

"No!" Jenny shouts as she tries to push Daphne aside but she resists.

"Jenny," Daphne whispers. "Please, this isn't worth it."

Jenny starts to cry and Daphne holds her. Lisa comes over and puts her arm over Jenny's shoulder.

"Let's go, Lisa," Jenny says to her.

Lisa nods and goes to step out of the hot tub with Jenny. Daphne sits down in the hot tub where she was before.

Health Horny Location:

Daphne's Beach House

MP 0
Level 2
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