"I hope you don't mind sloppy seconds."

From Create Your Own Story

"Oh yeah," the Italian growls. "Have a seat."

You move over and spread your legs over the Italian's thighs, lowering yourself onto his lap, facing him. He aims his dick with one hand until his cockhead finds your spermy fucked pucker, and you wince at the heat of his thick cock entering your ass after such a rough fucking. He raises both hands to your shoulders and pulls you down, hard, spearing you on his meat.

"Cum is the best fucking lube," the bear grins, and wraps his arms around your waist. You grip his arms, leaning against his hairy shoulder and burying your face against his sweaty hairy skin as you moan in a mix of pleasure and pain.

He grabs you tight and starts to fuck you with rough jerks, tugging your body back and forth on his hard cock, battering your already sore hole with his dick, twisting and pulling you on his lap while you raise and lower yourself against his sweaty thighs. The man's cock burns in your ass, and to your amazement, you feel yourself getting hard again.

"Yeah, ride that dick," the Italian says. He's soon grunting and swearing while you ride him. He pulls you tighter against him, and your hard dick rubs against his hairy belly. The sensation is incredible, and your head rolls on his shoulders while you whimper and moan.

"Fuck yeah," the Italian grunts, and pushes your ass down hard onto his cock. His meat erupts three times and you yell into his shoulder at the slick hot feel of his spunk. You writhe, but he holds you down on his dick until you fell every last drop. You reach between your two bodies and jerk furiously, his meat still stuffed inside you, and feel your own load spray against the man's hairy stomach and chest.

"Thanks," the Italian says, squeezing your legs. You rise painfully. Cum spatters from your ass onto his legs. You sag on your knees, beside him, sore.

"Time to hit the showers," the hairy man grins. "I'll give you a lift home."

You nod, rising shakily.

Definitely a birthday to remember, you think, and pick up your towel.

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