"I hope they don't mind sloppy seconds."

From Create Your Own Story

"The sloppier the better," the Italian says, grinning. "Cum makes the best lube." He nods at his slimmer, hairy companion. "You go first."

"Sure," the otter says. He has a soft voice.

You turn your face back to your former Coach, trembling in front of him. You're bracing yourself in front of the coach's hard dick while he leans back, his thick muscled arms out behind him. He smiles down at you, and you feel your own hard cock stiffen all the more. You're so turned on you could scream for want of coming.

"Clean me up, boy," he says.

You take his still semi-hard dick into your mouth, and taste the remnants of his spunk on your tongue. You take his shaft in one hand, and brace yourself with the other. You lick at his shaft, and the man grumbles.

"Nice," the Italian says. He's gotten closer.

Hands touch your waist, and you whimper into the Coach's dick. He bucks his crotch up against your face and some of the cum that leaked down to his pubes rubs onto your chin. Behind you, the otter rubs his dick up and down the crack of your ass once, then lines up his cockhead and pushes.

He's not as big or as thick as the Coach, but after the rough use your ass has seen, you feel every inch of the slim hairy man as he pushes himself into you. He buries himself to his balls, and you groan again into the Coach's shaft, which is getting hard again as you lick and suck off the sperm and spit that coated its thick length.

"He's fucking hot," the otter says from behind you, and then he grips your waist with both hands and starts to slide his cock almost all the way out before pushing back in again. He goes slower than the Coach did, and by far more gentler, and you groan and slurp in desperation as you feel him rub you just the right ways. You so want to come, and your dick is hard, but in your position between the two men, you can't grip your own dick and stay upright.

"Fuck yes," the Coach says. "Suck it, boy..."

The Italian laughs. "Man, I caught me a good one."

"His ass is so hot," the otter repeats, and his thrusts pick up in tempo. You grip the Coach's dick - now almost fully hard again - and slurp and suck, running your tongue around his cockhead and swallowing him as deeply as you can. You push back against the otter's shoves, feeling his dick inside, rubbing against the raw heat the Coach's ramming created in your hole. After a few more thrusts, the otter grunts, and you feel his hot spunk spray inside you.

You nearly cry in a mix of pleasure and frustration, and the Coach shifts forward enough to grab your head in both hands and push you down hard onto his dick.

"This is a boy who really wants more," the Coach says.

"No problem," the Italian says, and there's barely enough time for some of the otter's spunk to leak out of your ass as he withdraws before the Italian is pressed against you and pushing his cockhead at your pucker. He shoves in, the hairy burly man's thick dick setting your hole on fire again, and your moans around the Coach's cock become all the more desperate.

"I think I could work up a fourth for him," the Coach says, and you realize that these men aren't going to be done with you any time soon.

The Italian laughs, and rams home hard. "Definitely. Maybe we'll let him jerk off after that."

You whimper.

Definitely a birthday you'll never forget.

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