"I'm your little whore-boy."

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Mac's voice is a deep rumble as he laughs. "That's the right answer, boy." He looks around the dimly lit room for a moment, then removes his fingers from your ass. His large, calloused hands grip your shoulders and march you to the end of the room. You walk in a half-stumble, barely aware of what you're doing, until you reach the padded wooden stocks set up there. You swallow, hard, and Mac wraps both hairy arms around you and squeezes tight enough to make you gasp.

"Alright, boy-whore, time to work." His hands reach around you to tug at your shirt, and he pulls it over your head and tosses it to the side. You hear murmurs and realize that other men in the back room are watching you, and you face the wall, too embarrassed and turned on and conflicted to look away. Mac's hands undo your belt, your zipped, and then his fingers slide into the waist of your jeans, tugging them down low and exposing your ass to the air. Your dick pops up - you're still so turned on, even though this is so out of your hands - this rough man has total control.

"Step out," he says, and you step awkwardly out of your jeans, still wearing your shoes and socks. Mac grunts, and his rough hands squeeze your ass cheeks. "Oh, that's a nice fucking whore-boy ass... yes it is..." His fingers rub and jab at your pucker again, and you moan. He leans against you, and slides one hand up between your shoulder blades, and pushes.

You step forward, and you hit the edge of the padded wooden stocks. You can't help it - you whimper - and Mac chuckles.

"Lean over, boy-whore. Now."

You obey. Mac takes first your left wrist, then your right, and puts it across the indentations in the stocks, and then positions your head in the middle just so. Then the big man lowers the top-half of the stocks, and there's a faint click. You're almost entirely naked, facing a corner of the back room where a strange little platform is raised on the other side of the stocks, your ass out in full view of everyone. You shiver, but your hard on never stops.

"Good boy," Mac says, and then gives your ass a single, hard slap. You yelp. He walks around to the other side of the stocks, and steps up onto the little platform and it hits you - the reason is obvious now - Mac's well packed crotch is directly at the level of your mouth. He reaches down, and takes his zipper in hand. He actually has trouble pulling down the zipper due to the pressure his dick exerts on the crotch of his jeans. You realize, from the explosion of thick, black pubic hair, that the man is not wearing any underwear. Finally, the pants are undone and the monster is unleashed.

You gasp.

Mac's mule cock is one of the biggest - and ugliest - you've ever seen. But rather than turning you off, the beastly appearance of his uncut meat is unbelievably arousing. The oversized shaft is gnarled with huge, raised veins and the bloated head is a bright purple and covered with dick slime. It looks more like some wild animal's throbbing organ than a man's! The raunchy odor of it wafts up to your nostrils and makes your head swim with horny need.

The man roughly grabs you by the hair as you open your mouth to engulf the dripping mushroom head. The knob is so swollen and fat that you can barely fit in in your mouth. A squirt of pre-fuck oozes out the pisshole and lands on your tastebuds. The flavor is indescribable - raw, gamey, salty, masculine. You want more and begin sliding your tongue all over Mac's glans like a big lollipop.

"Fuck yes..." The stud groans as he begins shoving his cock deeper into your mouth. His big paw grips the top of the stocks and he shifts his hips forward, forcing you to take his hard-on into your throat.

You begin to panic - his cock is way too big! There's no way you can swallow it's brutal thickness! You whine and shake your head around the mouthful of dickmeat. Mac is unmoved by your pleas. He roughly plugs the gigantic prick down your gullet. Your eyes fill with tears, and you try all the harder to swallow his thickness.

"Alright, men," Mac calls out, and you jerk in the stocks, hands twisting impotently. "I got me a boy-whore here, and I think I want to earn back the money I spent getting into this joint and for that overpriced beer downstairs. Line up. A buck a ride."

Your eyes widen in shock. You try to speak, but immediately start choking, your throat spasming around the invader. You can't help it as gobs of spit roll down your chin and snot comes out your nose. You look up pleadingly at the man's face, your eyes filled with tears.

"Yeah, boy-whore!" The man looks down at you with a mixture of lust and cruelty in his eyes. "Fuckin' choke on that dick! Fuckin' worthless boy-whores! Love makin' 'em gag on daddy's joint!"

Mac grips the top of the stocks and begins skullfucking you even harder. You're not sure whether it's the lack of oxygen reaching your brain or the sadistically rough way Mac is using you, but your own cock is hard as steel.

Behind you, someone's hands touch your ass, and you jolt in the stocks.

"Don't worry, boy," Mac says, grinning down at you. "Once I've earned back what I used tonight, I'll split your ass wide open, like you deserve."

Someone spits behind you, and saliva is rubbed into your pucker. A buck a ride! There was a five dollar cover... five men are going to fuck you before Mac does... and he said he ordered a beer... that's at least three more...

Mac continues to pound at your throat, and you struggle not to choke. A cockhead presses against your pucker.

This is definitely a birthday you'll never forget.

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