"I'm new at this, so someone that will break me in slowly."

From Create Your Own Story

"Hmm, a cherry ripe for the plucking, huh?" she says looking you over hungrily. "Well, let's see who's available, shall we?"

She reaches for a red binder and after leafing through it she extracts several photos.

"There is Andrea, an experienced domme and one of our best bondage experts. You can count on her to explore your limits very thoroughly." She gives you a sly grin as she shows you a photo of a busty redhead, wearing a red latex bodysuit with cleavage so low that you can tell her hair color is natural.

"Then there is Sandra, who is a shameless tease. She likes nothing better than getting a girl all hot and bothered, and then keeping her on edge until she's reduced to a panting whimpering wreck that can think about one thing and one thing only." Her expression is looking a bit predatory as she obviously imagines you in that position. "She might be a bit intense for a newbie, but I guarantee she'll leave you hungering for more." The woman in the picture is a slender blonde in lacy white lingerie, seductively licking between her index and middle fingers.

"And finally there is Allison, our resident ass fanatic. Spanking, paddling, flogging, caning, rimming, fingering, stretching, fuuucking," she ends in a singsong voice. "She's all about the butt." The proffered photo is of a petite girl with Asian features. She's wearing a black leather strap-on and a matching corset. She's holding a wooden paddle in what you can only describe as an affectionate matter.

You feel yourself flushing with anticipation and your panties are starting to feel somewhat juicy.

"So, pick your poison."

You choose:

Health Horny & Female Location:

The Ball And Chain

MP 0
Level 5
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