"I'm gonna jerk it off right here, daddy. You want to watch?"

From Create Your Own Story

The daddy bear grins, and steps forward into the stall.

"Let daddy watch, boy," he says.

You jerk your cock while the bear stares at you, and meet his gaze. It's erotic having him watch you do it, and it doesn't take you long, your ass sore from being fucked twice, and the big hairy man standing in front of you, for your to blow your wad in two energetic sprays of cum that splash on the bathroom floor.

The daddy bear grins at you. "Thanks, boy."

You nod, exhausted. The daddy bear leaves, and you take a few moments to gather yourself, then leave the bathroom.

As you pass the front door, the bouncer gives you a smile and a nod. "Have a good birthday?"

You feel some come leaking out of your ass.

"Definitely," you say, and head home.

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