"I'm fine right here, daddy."

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The stocky older man grins, and his finger and thumb pinch your nipple again. You let out a little yelp, and he smiles, leaning over and kissing you roughly, his tongue intruding. His other hand tightens on your balls until you moan into his mouth.

"Boy, you're my new favorite toy." He pulls you toward him and you slide off the bench, moving in the water to be in front of him, crouching in the hot water as he pulls your balls down.

"Yes, sir," you say, automatically. Behind you, you hear the bear say, "We got a live one, Glen."

You start to turn your head, but the daddy's hand leaves your chest and wraps around the back of your neck, tugging you toward him and making you go down on your knees in the hot water. Your chin hits the water, and you look up at the stocky man, who grins down at you with a wide show of teeth. He slides this hand down your back, still holding your balls with the other, until his fingers slide between your ass cheeks.

He pulls you toward him, and you half-rise as his fingertip roughly enters your ass. He pushes your face into his wet chest, and you grunt into his hard flesh.

"Climb up here," he demands. You climb up onto the bench on your knees, into his lap. His hand lets go of your balls, and he grips both of your ass cheeks, one in each hand.

"Gonna fuck you, boy," he grins, meeting your gaze. "You're gonna let both of us fuck you, aren't you boy?"

Again, you can't help yourself: you nod.

The stocky man pulls at your ass cheek with one hand, letting go with the other. You rise a bit on your haunches. He meets your gaze as he aims his dick with his other hand, and then pulls on your thigh, lowering your twitching ass onto his rigid cock. He pushes until his dickhead slips into your hole, and then reaches both hands up to take your shoulders. He grunts, and then pulls you down with a rough yank until your ass is full of his meat and your thighs rest on his lap. His dick spears into you, and you yelp loud. He once again shoves your face between his stocky pecs, and as you try to squirm up off his lap he clamps both arms around you tightly, keeping his hard meat buried deep in your hole. You grunt into his chest. One rough hand holds the back your head.

"Fuck yeah... Daddy's in deep, ain't he boy? Just how you like it... A mean daddy gonna fuck you good." The stocky stud slowly loosens his grip as you breath heavily but stop struggling to escape his thick meat. He takes your waist in his hands. "Yeah, boy - you're gonna ride our fucking dicks, aren't you?"

You nod rapidly, and hear the bear approach from behind. His hands take your shoulders, and his wet hair chest presses against your back. You feel his dick against the small of your back.

"You want this, eh?" the bear asks, pushing his hard on against you.

You nod again, and the older man starts to tug at your waist in angry jerks, not so much fucking you up and down with his dick as making his hard cock shift and throb inside you at different angles. The grip he has on your waist is painful, and the sensation of his cock battering around in your hole is a mix of pain and pleasure in the bubbling water. You have to grip his wide shoulders to hold yourself in place while he continues to shove you onto his dick.

The bear pushes on your shoulders, holding you down.

Soon you're letting out little yelps, and the big man's neck is turning redder and redder. His eyes never leave yours, and you stare at him while he fucks your ass in a way you've never taken dick before. Your yelps grow louder and more needy, your voice giving way to bursts of breath, and he starts to really pull you back and forth now, his dick battering you inside so roughly you're breathing in gasps.

"Turn around," the bear says, and the stocky older man lets go of your waist long enough for you to lift yourself off his cock and turn around. He pulls you back onto his dick with a rough jerk that makes you see stars. When you blink and gasp for a breath again, you sit facing the bear now, who pushes you back against the stocky older man's chest. The older man's arms wrap around you tightly, pinning your own arms to your side. The bear grins, and lowers himself a bit into the water until he finds your knees and then cups his hands under them, lifting you and rolling you back against the older man's chest.

You realize what's about to happen just as the bear pushes himself between your legs, forcing them further apart, and lining up his dick just under your balls. Your eyes widen, and you gasp, and then the stocky older man moves one hand to cover your mouth. His dick is rock hard inside your hole.

"You're gonna love it, boy," he says in a low rumbling voice.

With a sudden movement, the hairy bear shoves his dick inside you alongside the stocky man's cock. The pressure is intense, and you yell into the stocky man's hand. The bear braces his arms on your shoulders and starts to fuck you with rough, shallow thrusts. The sensation of the two dicks in your ass, stretching you and rubbing in your hole, is incredible, and you buck and writhe both trying to get away and trying to push against his thrusts.

"Yeah, that's what you want, boy, isn't it?" the bear growls.

"You like that, boy, don't you?" the older man says. He starts to time his own short movements against the bear, and the two dicks hammer in and out of your ragged hole. You're soon moaning into the stocky man's hand.

Their dicks pound at your ass for a while longer, and then, with a loud grunt, you feel the stocky older man erupt in your hole with a surge of hot cum. He lets go of your arms and takes your nipples in each hand, and twists them once - the sensation rocks you all the way down your spine, and you feel your own load blast from your dick, between your stomach and the hairy belly of the bear. You let out a loud bellow.

With a loud grunt, the bear blows his wad in your ass as well. Then he pulls out, stepping back into the hot boiling water. You slide off the stocky older man's dick and shiver at the painful spasm as his dick pops free.

"Holy fuck," you breathe, nearly sobbing.

The bear leans over you to kiss the stocky guy, then leans back, grinning. "Can we keep him?"

The stocky older man laughs. "I think so." His hand grabs your dick and squeezes. You let out a little whimper.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you boy?" He squeezes your dick.

You nod again.

"Let's take him home," the bear grins. "See if we can fuck him in half."

You start to laugh, thoroughly fucked, and feeling light-headed. The two men start to help you get out of the tub, the stocky man's hand heavy on the back of your neck, leading you back to the chancing rooms and a night you're pretty sure you'll never forget.

Best birthday ever.

The End (Feedback to [email protected])

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