"I'll take care of this. You enjoy the view"

From Create Your Own Story

You give the goth a big slap on her naked butt cheek and she lets out a squeek. You slap the other one and then give both cheeks a quick massage.

"There, there. Remember this hurts us as much as it hurts you."

You part her butt cheeks and have a good look at her anus and cunt before continuing with the slapping.

The goth screams and cries. Christine sits next to her and strokes her back. "Don't worry, it'll be over soon," she says but then over the goth's shoulder she looks at you and gives you a wink as she lets her stroking hands wander round to the goth's big breasts.

Health Horny and Hormonal Location:

The Clothing Department

MP 0
Level 1
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