"I'll fuck her and she can eat you."

From Create Your Own Story

"Good idea," Missy says. You both position yourselves where you need to be.

Missy lowers her slit onto Cherica's mouth. Cherica begins licking her and Missy moans.

You slide your rod into Cherica's dripping twat. You can feel the vibrator moving in her ass as you slide in and out. It makes you even harder and you quicken your pace.

Missy's moans are getting louder. You lean forward and take one of Missy's nipples in your mouth, making her gasp. You gently bite her nipple, then switch to rolling your tongue around it.

Cherica is trying to move her hips in time with your thrusts. Her body is shuddering with waves of pleasure from the double penetration. Her internal muscles try to milk your sperm out of you.

Missy is squealing with pleasure as you continue to suck her breast. Cherica's tongue must be getting her hot. Suddenly Missy's body trembles and she lets out a roar as she climaxes violently.

Cherica's body instantly reacts, shivering with the force of her orgasm. She floods you with nectar and you can't hold back, filling her with shot after shot of cum.

You slide out of her, and Missy lifts herself off. You see that Cherica's face is drenched with Missy's honey.

"That was... oh!... intense, Mistress," Cherica moans. "I... aah!... really liked it."

Missy smiles at you. "Should we let her go, or should we use her body again?"

Health Horny Location:

Missy's Dungeon

MP 0
Level 4
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